O’Shea and Brown: Republik of Mancunia puts us on spot

Scott the Red comes calling from time to time, with questions he wants Salut! Sunderland to answer on issues affecting both his club, Manchester United, and ours.

Our signings of Wes Brown and John O’Shea offered a good enough excuse for Scott to return with to ask what we made of them, and Steve Bruce’s other dealings.

Here is the questionnaire, plus a few of the Republik of Mancunia readers’ responses. See whether you agree with me or them or none of us!

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Manchester United v Barcelona: rooting for ‘worst United side in years’

Diplomatic relations were established between Salut! Sunderland and Republik of Mancunia a couple of seasons ago. Scott the Red is the republik’s head of state and comes here from time to time to offer his thoughts or ask for ours on SAFC/United-related matters. Who better to preview the Champions’ League Final from a United perspective? And while we’re on, congrats are in order: Scott’s site came second in the EPL Talk blog-of-the-year awards (M Salut prefers to draw a veil over our final position). He’s a bit pessimistic about tomorrow night but loyally predicts a United win all the same …

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Pinned down by Manchester United

keano2Image: DraXus

Who would you choose for Sunderland from the Manchester United squad? Which game against United do you remember most, for good or ill? See how your answers would have differed from mine …

The Republik of Mancunia is a United website run by Scott the Red, with whom Salut! Sunderland had friendly relations last season barring a minor fall-out over Chris – (Phil, you idiot: Chris was Makin – ed)Bardsley’s dive, as judged by the ref, or fall, as I saw it.

Scott thought it all the worse because Bardsley’s a Salford lad and knew how much winning potentially to meant to his boyhood and former professional club. I said that was the sort of tosh we come out with in drink: a dive’s a dive, reprehensible irrespective of the individual or circumstances.

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