Sixer’s Sevens: Lincoln 2 Sunderland 0, Sixsmith 4

At 3,12pm the BBC reported Chris Maguire had been sent off. In the absence of any confirmation from Pete Sixsmith I went looking elsewhere and found a site that gave the score at 2-0. It was quickly corrected to 1-0, something Pete did confirm. How many League games since we prevented our opponents from scoring?

Pete became a bit busier after half-time, sending four seven word texts instead of the usual one:

A performance flatter than the Lincolnshire countryside

Imps cause Ross all kinds of trouble

Outplayed and out thought by rampant Imps

And one that says it all:

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The first time ever I saw your ground: Lincoln City and Sincil Bank

Pete Sixsmith, Montgomery and other heroes

Johnn McCormick writes: Today, we welcome the return of an excellent but brief series, twice. This is a repost because we appear once again to have been visited by the purveyor of Turkish massage sites. So if you’ve seen this before please accept our apologies. If you haven’t here’s another piece to enjoy. 

Pete Sixsmith is a member of the 92 club and over the previous two seasons he has regaled us with tales of visits to grounds in Divisions two and three, and tales of visits by Division two and three clubs to Roker Park and the Stadium of Light. Then we ran out of new grounds and the series ended.

Until today. Lincoln City tootled up from non-League to League Two and League One in fine style, and now we’re off to play them.

But not for the first time. Over to Mr Sixsmith

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