Hutch’s Patch: all for safe standing. Can we also have sane sitting?

Jake: 'get a grip, M Salut. there is no N in Hutchison'
Jake: ‘get a grip, M Salut. there is no N in Hutchison’

Rob Hutchison always stands his round. What he cannot abide is the fellow Sunderland fan who insists on standing his ground and won’t accept that sitting is not just required by ground rules but a basic human courtesy to those behind who are no longer so good on their feet …

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Standing joke or genuine safety issue: SAFC to meet the fans

Jake's art
Jake’s art

From Michael Brunskill,
at the Football Supporters’ Federation, comes news of a useful initiative designed to find a sensible outcome to an emotive issue that divides supporters: the right to stand, or rather the lack of such right.

The FSF is to host a meeting next Tuesday (Feb 19) at the Isis pub, starting 6.30pm) “to discuss problems relating to standing at home matches”.

Importantly, the federation says SAFC officials will be present.

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Manchester United: a questionable stand

manu fans

Salut! Sunderland‘s spot of innocent fun on how to keep Alan Hutton at the Stadium of Light attracted nearly three times as many people to the site as will be allowed into the away end when we play Man Utd on May 9. All because United fans like to stand. Let us weigh up the arguments …

One thing needs to be clear. I’d prefer Manchester United to win the title. But success for Chelsea is a price I will happily pay for seeing Sunderland beat United as convincingly as we are able in our final home game.

Unlike many football supporters, I do not dislike Man Utd.

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