Salut Reflections: Mignolet and Manchester United, ‘crude’ SAFC-Newcastle chants

Jake detects thinking

‘Reflections’ is very much the domain of Stephen Goldsmith but he’s moonlighting, housemoving and heaven knows what else so begs other Salut folk to step into his shoes. It falls to Monsieur Salut to look at two issues that leap from the pages and screens: Manchester United’s supposed interest in Simon Mignolet and the rather fanciful notion that terrace chats should be tasteful …

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SAFC v Newcastle: Steven Taylor’s guide to cheating – and stamp collecting

For a quick guide to all Salut! Sunderland has published in the build-up to the Sunderland-Newcastle derby, go to this link:
Here, with some new or newish Jake art, is a last look at the game before it kicks off …

One last spot of fun before the real business starts.

Enter the Newcastle United defender whose Mastermind subject would be “falling over in the box”, Steven Taylor, a shoe-in for the role of pantomime villain.

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