Salut Reflections: Westwood, Mignolet and Bramble make for interesting week in Sunderland.

Jake detects thinking
Jake detects thinking


During Martin O’Neill’s final months as SAFC manager, it became increasingly hard to gather and comment on news for a Reflections piece for Salut! Sunderland, writes Stephen Goldsmith. It seems unlikely Di Canio’s reign will be similar. The end of season is generally a bit of a lull for bloggers and writers, who try their best to avoid getting carried away with bogus and erroneous transfer targets. There have been a couple of interesting developments in the last week, though, “that’s for sure” (Bruce: 2009/2010/2011).

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Bramble and Kilgallon out as Sunderland retained list revealed

Mrs Logic's classic image
Mrs Logic’s classic image

There was no room for Titus Bramble or Matt Kilgallon when Sunderland announced the list of retained players today.

Other out-of-contract players released are Ryan Noble, Adam Reed and Ben Wilson. Danny Rose and Kader Mangane are not included in the retained list having completed their loan periods, though this does not mean SAFC will not seek to keep either or both. We all know what we want in Rose’s case.

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Two hands clapping for Di Canio’s way with school dunces: (1) just desserts

... Jake suspects PDC may have overlooked a change in the law.
… Jake suspects PDC may have overlooked a change in the law.

There has been lots of media coverage of PDC’s stern ways with lack of effort, truancy, inappropriate behaviour out of school and seriously bad marks. We’ve done our share at Salut! Sunderland and this is something Monsieur Salut prepared earlier – namely for his pages at When I said in my most recent piece there that we could expect more of the same to come, I was aware of the anonymous player who’d called in claiming to be suffering from food poisoning before retreating into telephone silence for hours. I was unaware of the Bramble fine for whatever it was he did or didn’t do in training.

But this – and it could become another series – is my way of welcoming at that ESPN site a tougher approach to player power …

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Salut! Reflections: Fletcher for Scotland, Bramble’s form and Villa’s Darren bloody Bent

Stephen Goldsmith ponders Fletcher, Bramble and Bent

Stephen Goldsmith writes: I can’t believe I’m about to venture into Darren Bent territory once more. Well actually, I can. He simply doesn’t make it easy for us Sunderland fans not to. There are two developments directly involving Sunderland to discuss on Salut! Reflections this week, with Darren Bent being another. Let’s get to it…

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Bruce spot-on with Bramble; Bardsley needs a rocket too

Is it a breach of Salut! Sunderland‘s policy of getting fully behind the Lads before matchday to support Steve Bruce’s comments on the Titus Bramble affair? I don’t think so.

Bramble has been suspended pending a club investigation into those aspects of the early-hours Yarm incident that concern club discipline. He therefore plays no part in the approach to West Brom at home tomorrow.

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Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse: part 2

From our friend Addick-tedKev

Thanks heavens for the principle of Innocent Until Proved Guilty.

When Sky Sport quotes Cleveland Police as saying “a 30-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and possession of a Class A drug”, that 30-year-old male is Titus Bramble.

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Niall Quinn, Titus Bramble and presumptions of innocence

Click here and you will quickly see what you are invited to sign. Most of us pay lip service to notions of justice. In practice, we repeatedly encounter anomalies …

Niall Quinn stands convicted on one count – not knowing the difference between refute and deny – but is absolutely right to put out a dignified club statement* emphasising that Titus Bramble, arrested on suspicion of rape, maintains his innocence.

Niall was also wise enough to the potential charge of hypocrisy to avoid adding that whenever an individual is charged with a crime in the UK, and indeed his own native Irish Republic, there is – notionally at least – a presumption of innocence. It is nevertheless worth pointing it out: Bramble has not even been charged; if and when that occurs, he must be seen as innocent until and unless found guilty.

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The Wigan Athletic ‘Who Are You?’

It could be subtitled “and how Sunderland missed out on N’Zogbia” – read on for a fascinating account of the aborted deal. We’ve said it before, or something like it. If Bernard Ramsdale* didn’t exist as an outstanding example of the (proper) Lancashire football supporter, he’d need to be invented. A past winner of our annual Who Are You? awards, he returns from a little rest – from Salut! Sunderland duties but not much else – with some more pearls ahead of Wigan v SAFC on Saturday. Bernard, landlord of Ye Olde Tree and Crown fan site, has tremendous humour and a refreshingly down-to-earth outlook. It really is a great read. But don’t expect a non-stop bundle of laughs; Bernard lives with the distressing consequences of an awful family tragedy …

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