Tony Gallagher, Daily Telegraph editor, on his beloved West Ham

This week’s “Who are You?” feature – ahead of Sunderland v West Ham tomorrow (fingers crossed) – richly deserved another outing, in modified form, especially after the distractions of Zurich.

Tony Gallagher*, editor of The Daily Telegraph and Hammers fan par excellence, probably said more to Salut! Sunderland about his footballing passion, and indeed about himself, than he has done in any other public forum in his life. Or so we’ve heard it said. We are delighted he gave such time and energy to the exercise. Go back to Thursday’s original appearance of the interview to see the comments already posted by SAFC and Hammers fans (and Tony himself, in response to points made), or start afresh here.

By way of reminder: even before he became the editor of Telegraph, Tony had made his mark as deputy editor (effectively running the paper in the long absence on other business of the then editor Will Lewis, another Hammer). It was on Tony’s watch that the paper revealed the scandal of MPs’ expenses, and he is credited with masterminding the coverage. At a guess, he is not on the Christmas card list of the former Labour MP David Chaytor, pictured above, now in a spot of bother as a result.

Some MPs, it is fair to say, had visions of pots, kettles and a very dark colour at the thought of journalists lecturing anyone about expenses. But that’s another matter, as is Tony’s lifelong support for West Ham United. Sunderland fans have been jittery all week, some even hoping for a postponement; we’re glad to say Tony takes a gloomy view of his club, too, despite impressive wins over Wigan and Manchester United …

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SAFC v West Ham: the Hammer who still fears the worst

Even before he became the editor of The Daily Telegraph, Tony Gallagher* had played a blinder as deputy editor (and acting editor) when the paper put MPs through the mill for their outrageous expenses. Some MPs, it is fair to say, questioned the notion of journalists lecturing anyone on expenses. But that’s another matter, as is Tony’s lifelong support for – and, despite two good results, gloomy outlook on – West Ham United, Sunderland’s opponents on Sunday if snow permits …

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Salut! Sunderland: (Before this mini-revival), a Hammers-supporting pal declared himself lost for words. What the devil went wrong, and did you not share the excitement of some fans when Sullivan/Gold moved in?

Notwithstanding our amazing result against Man United, we’re paying the price for undermining a series of decent managers. Pardew was sacked peremptorily a few months after taking us to the FA Cup final; Curbishley steered us to mid-table safety and then he was sacrificed; Zola was obviously an outstanding coach – it was no accident that Carlton Cole, Scott Parker and Robert Green were playing the best football of their careers under him – but he was destabilised the moment Gold and Sullivan arrived and never recovered. Grant, demonstrably, lacks the motivational powers required to effect a change.
The Sullivan/Gold era has been pock-marked by one ugly dispute in the press after another which is extremely undignified. Personally, I have never warmed to them, assuming their passion is really for the Olympic Stadium, which I guess would generate huge revenue.

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