Vote to rename the Stadium of Light south stand. Then on to North, West and East?

Monsieur Salut welcomes plans to rename one of the Stadium of Light stands …

Maybe Bradley Lowery, which would have been my choice, is a name for one of the other three stands.

But SAFC have made a decent first response to popular will, announcing that the loudest of the four, the south stand, will become one of these: The Roker End, The Wearside End, The Colliery End and The Raich Carter End. A fans’ vote will decide the matter.

My own preference, just ahead of Raich Carter, would be The Roker End, geographically sound and evoking the old place when older fans spent every other Saturday, savouring the glories of the Roker Pie Shop or munching “tanner a bag” peanuts. My vote is already cast.

Raich should get the West stand since from there you can – I think – point in the direction of the Hendon of his boyhood (never forget that his son, also Raich, donated his HAWAY award – for best “Who are You?” interview of the 2013-14 season – to the sports centre there).

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