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  1. Three cheers for Keane for not waiting for the late comers.I remember Ian McColl leaving Lennie Ashurst behind at Leicester in 1967; unfortunately Lennie got a lift back to Sunderland and continued to play for us. It was a good performance on Saturday. This was exactly the kind of game where we would have slipped up in the past. You have no fears of this happening under this manager. I went to one of Niall’s road shows last week – he was so impressive and it feels great to have a chairman who really cares about the club and who also understands the football business. Promotion is on; believe.

  2. Joan’s prediction would suit most of us.
    I noticed that Ian Todd, not here but before the Norwich v Derby game which puts Derby – for now – out of sight of us, thought Birmingham/Preston. It’s still a huge leap of faith to see us in the top two come the season’s end…….

  3. Have to say I’m being cautious as well… though I think we’re now by far the best team in the division. Shame if Edwards is missing for a while, but I might stick my neck out and predict Derby 1st, us second.

  4. I’m trying my hardest to think that, Joan. I guess I’m just a natural pessimist but I’m a still a little afraid they’ll come back to haunt us. But Saturday’s win was such a boost. I don’t think even Colin fully expected anything better than a draw. There are several people in the Toronto Star newsroom who I’ve turned into honorary and perhaps temporary fans. They’re all rooting for the Cats to climb back to where they belong.

  5. Seven words can’t describe the feeling of elation on Saturday as we rolled over West Brom, needing less luck than Alex Ferguson in a squabble with Jose Mourinho. The afternoon was spoiled by the gross ineptitude of Dermot Gallagher, who should have retired in 1986. Chaplow’s foul on Edwards was a disgrace, typical of the skin-headed thug he appears to be. The self-regarding Baggies fans were out-sung, out-shouted and out-scored. A distinct lack of boing, boing.

  6. Bill .. are you even starting to think those 2 points dropped against Crystal Palace mightn’t be a problem?

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