We are 25 minutes from kickoff at Cardiff City. Big game, big hopes, we’ll see*.

But we won’t see it here, not immediately anyway. I am travelling slowly between London and the south of France and will not be able to update Sixer’s Sevens before Monday. Sorry!
But blow that. Couldn’t resist a change of plan after a result like that. Thank you Mr Wallace for grabbing the winning goal* and taking us second again. If only, as these things have tended to be so far, for a day……..

14 thoughts on “Today’s game… VICTORIOUS UPDATE!”

  1. I’ve not seen Blackstock’s goal but heard it was a good one. I hope QPR stay up – relegation along with their financial troubles would put them into deep trouble.
    Everything’s coming together now.. Preston out of the race. Just need Birmingham to drop some points. Am beginning to steel myself for play-offs though.

  2. That Niall gesture – shelling out thousands to get everyone home – is so typical of the man. But it shouldn’t have been needed. On the facts as presented by the Guardian, easyJet became prissyJet for the evening.

  3. The SKY change is bl**dy annonying – bad enough for locals. For exiles it’s … I don’t know. Maybe one of the journalists could suggest a suitable word?

  4. A huge 3 points at Cardiff.Could tempt fate so will refrain from saying that on paper we have the easier run-in !! Reality is that if we win all our remaining games we will go up automatically and although that is a tall order the current form we are in suggests we won’t drop many points.
    Looking forward to the long trek from West Lothian for the next 2 Saturdays but disappointed that Sky have bu**ered up my plans to see the last home game of the season which means I will miss a possible play off/promotion party after travelling down so often this season.Aye Sky the fans do matter …. right ?
    Absolutely crucial that Edwards is fit for the last few games.He has been I think the catalyst in the great run of form since Christmas and although we have produced some excellent results without him I think we area a better team with him playing.
    If you are reading Pete I made it to Peterhead to see Ayr last Saturday , new manager but still the same guff on the park.Heading to Kirkaldy tomorrow night in some forlorn hope of being entertained.

  5. The last place Wolves will want to come after that will be the SoL. Will it make them more determined next week? Maybe … but the way the Lads are playing, it’s not going to make any difference. Our league form this year – WWWDWWWDWWWDWW. Dare I hope for automatic promotion?

  6. I just looked at all the results. What the heck happened to Wolves?! Not that I’m complaining.

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