Newborn Mackem: the first interview

Dad – John Penman – cannot make up his mind whether it’s Kristin or Kirsten. The baby herself, at last in red and white (there’s another pic on the continuation page), knows her own mind perfectly well.

She is, we are told, “delighted though with her debut on Salut! Sunderland” and the international celebrity it brings her (700+ visitors to this site so far today alone).

And she is “happy with the Chopra signing but feels that we need 3-4 experienced Premiership players to give the team a solid backbone.

“Kieran Richardson would be a welcome addition but she nearly choked on her milk when she read the story in one of the papers up here this morning about Bobo Balde from Celtic being a target.

“She has a dreadful vision of Balde spending most of the season on his backside on the half way line watching opposition strikers flying past him.

“There are a couple of other names floating about which brought a smile to her face.When Leroy Lita and Jermaine Defoe were mentioned she grinned merrily.”

2 thoughts on “Newborn Mackem: the first interview”

  1. I thought dad was meant to support Ayr!
    I warned you John, it won’t be long ’til you’re sitting at the Stadium of Light with your new pals John Gorman, Peter Nicol and the badminton guy who turned his back on Scotland to play for England. You’ll be telling them how poor Scottish football is and that Ayr are your wee team.
    It’s sad when a decent guy goes a bit ‘Billy Bigtime’ and forgets his humble roots…

  2. Aal ah can say is that the bairns better looking than her da an ah bet she’s better at forecastin the weather.

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