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How many of us uttered the words of the headline at the weekend. And how many blamed Craig Gordon? Pete Sixsmith springs to his defence

Let’s deal with the Milner equaliser first. One of the students at the school where I teach at summed it up perfectly.

“We could have stopped that goal”, he said, “but I’m not sure that we should have”. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings……

I thought Gordon was unlucky in that he was expecting a challenge or an interception, and I think that he had put his weight on the other foot in order to block either a deflection or a shot from the far post.

This, I know, sounds as if I’m scratching around for an excuse.

Some fans are having doubts about Craig Gordon. But he’s a good keeper. Stick with him – he’ll save us points.

In any case, he was not alone in being open to criticism over the goal. I thought McShane had a split second to make a decision to either lunge for the ball or put in a tackle. Unfortunately, he did neither.

Milner gambled and got lucky.

Anyway, we can discuss it until the cows come home or until Joey Barton apologises to the world for being an absolute a***hole and it won’t change the result.

In truth, this was a pretty decent display from a better balanced and more thoughtful side. There were positives to take from it.

The back four looked less lopsided due to the presence of McShane and Harte. Edwards gave us pace down the right hand side and Etuhu broke up their midfield despite the execrable Barton trying to wipe him out.

Jones was awesome up front and I only wish that the useless Brazilian who had played against Pompey the week before had been up against him.

Newcastle were poor and only Milner would have got into our team on that performance – but we still could not beat them and that is what made it such a frustrating and ultimately deflating afternoon. They knew that they had got away with a point they did not deserve.

Once again they showed how loathsome they are. Ashley and his pathetic and patronising “Man of the People” act – would he want the fans he sat with at the Stadium joining him at his Hertfordshire mansion admiring his Spurs memorabilia? – and the wretched Barton who seems to be carrying on the tradition of Bowyer, Woodgate and Co. I suppose Etuhu should be grateful that he did not stub a cigar out in his face.

Everton next, and that’s a hard one as they are a good Premier League side. I would take a point there – and a ticket if anyone has a spare because I missed the deadline for applications. Perhaps Joey B could get me one.

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  1. I remember Sixer in goals – truly a site for sore eyes, I also remember him throwing a water bottle at the above Mr Peter Horan that actually hit the ref …. not my dad…
    With regards to Gordon – he does only have one foot but I think he needs to have SOME confidence in the defence in front of him and we all know that they are CRAP at the moment so give the lad a chance.

  2. Gordon has struggled throughout his short time at Sunderland. It’s time to drop him and give the reliable Darren Ward a run in the team. I don’t hold with ‘Stick with him – he’ll save us points’. He has cost us too many already. Sixer is a man with a goalkeeping pedigree and should know better.

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