Salut! Sunderland and Alan Shearer: an apology

In common with many Sunderland supporters, this website may occasionally have given the impression of regarding Alan Shearer as a smug, humourless Mag incapable of passing fair judgement on any issue concerning SAFC.

Salut! Sunderland has quite possibly been slow in the past to deplore childish terrace chants casting assorted slurs on his character.

It is time to set the record straight. In ensuring that for a second successive weekend, Match of the Day should draw attention to gross injustices by match officials against Sunderland, Mr Shearer showed himself to be an entirely reasonable and just man.

Hunt’s goal for Reading, he proved using computer technology, was just as much not a goal as Collins’s header a week before had been a legitimate goal.

Sorry and all that, Alan, at least for now.

This does not bring back the three points stolen from us by outrageous decisions at the ends of both Aston Villa and Reading games. Nor does it alter the fact that SAFC are a desperately poor side in dire need of an injection of Premiership quality.

But you cannot have it all.

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  1. Credit for Shearer for highlighting the absurdity of the decision.How that linesman could be 100% certain , which he would have to have been, that the whole ball was over the line is at best questionable.
    I would never call an official a cheat as I know all mistakes that they generally make are honest ones but the 2 shocking decisions we have been the victims of in the last 2 weeks may result in an element of paranoia creeping in.
    Even when I watched the incident on MOTD for the first time and allowing for the fact I may have been wearing my red and white tinted specs my instant reaction was that there was no way the whole ball crossed the line.I was proved correct by the technology used by Shearer.To award such a crucial goal in such dubious circumstances shows complete imcompetance by the officials.We are all aware that their decisions have to be made in an instant but they have to be 100% certain that the whole ball crossed the line.
    Rumours abounding in the tabloids this morning about Keane having a spat with the Reading backroom staff in Coppell’s office and having to be escorted out.He also mentions ‘sackings’in an interview, something he hasn’t done before now.This may be the first hints that the pressure may be getting to the man.The next 4 weeks are huge not just for him but the whole club.

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