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With thanks to Dave Hillam at the Blackcats forum, here is the full list of questions put on BBC Celebrity Mastermind to Steve Cram in his specialist subject: Sunderland AFC in the 1970s.

* 1 Which of Sunderland’s managers during the 70s won an FA Cup
Winners medal with local rivals Newcastle in 1955?

* 2 Who moved from Rotherham to Sunderland in December 1970 for
£100,000, becoming the club’s first six-figure signing?

* 3 In the 1975-76 season, Sunderland dropped only two points at home,
with draws against clubs from which city?

* 4 What was the nickname of Billy Hughes’s older brother John, who
suffered a career-ending injury three minutes into his debut for the
club in 1973?

* 5 Who were Sunderland’s opponents in an FA Cup 5th Round Replay in
Febuary 1973, which was voted the greatest game ever seen at Roker
Park when the ground closed in 1997?

* 6 What was the real Christian name of Ian Porterfield, scorer of the
only goal in the 73 FA Cup Final?

* 7 Sunderland played Lazio and which other team when they took part in
the inaugural Anglo-Italian Cup in May 1970?

* 8 Whom did Bob Stokoe nickname “The Little General”?

* 9 Whose point-blank header did Jimmy Montgomery parry in the first part
of his celebrated double save in the 1973 FA Cup Final?

* 10 What change to Sunderland’s home strip did Bob Stokoe make shortly
after becoming the club’s manager?

* 11 Which club knocked Sunderland out of the 3rd Round of the FA Cup
in January 1974, beating them 1-0 after a replay?

* 12 Who had two spells as Sunderland’s caretaker-manager, the first in
1972, and again in the 1978-79 season?

* 13 What was the nationality of Claudio Marangoni, whom Ken Knighton
signed in December 1979 for over £300,000?

* 14 Which young outfield player made his debut for the club in
September 71, aged 16 years and 103 days?

* 15 In which competition did the former Newcastle stalwart Bobby
Moncur make his Sunderland debut against Newcastle in August 1974?

And the answers:

1 Stokoe
2 Dave Watson
3 Bristol
4 Yogi
5 Man City
6 John
7 Fiorentina
8 Bobby Kerr
9 Trevor Cherry
10 Colour of the shorts (white to black)
11 Carlisle
12 Billy Elliott
13 Argentinian
14 Jimmy Hamilton
15 Texaco Cup

Steve correctly answered the first 14 questions but gave Anglo-Scottish Cup as the reply to question 15. He nevertheless moved ahead of Bill Kenwright on general knowledge questions to take the title.

And as Joan Dawson has pointed out, Steve’s chosen charity was his own COCO – Comrades of Children Overseas – and the programme can be seen here – provided, as I have just discovered when testing the link from Abu Dhabi, you live in the UK.

Coco has raised more than £1 million since 1998 and defines as its mission endeavouring “to break down barriers to children’s education and health worldwide as well as helping to reduce infant mortality in developing countries….. (it) concentrates on educational projects that aim to improve the life chances of children who would otherwise have a grim future ahead of them”.

It can be contacted at: 3rd Floor, 14 Blandford Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4HZ. Tel: 0191 261 7427

2 thoughts on “Cramming for Mastermind”

  1. Great idea Pete. Let’s give it a try – though I wouldn’t hold your breath while waiting for others to follow suit.
    As for your own Monty question, all I remember is that I got it wrong the last time you asked me it! I suggested one of the many extraordinary saves we saw him make at Huddersfield, far too many years ago, before we went on to win 3-0. The first person who supplies a correct answer here will get a copy of the ALS book More 24 hour SAFC People.

  2. Well done the Cramster. I missed the programme but got one wrong – I thought it was Cagliari not la Viola that we played in the A-I Cup. And that shows you how much I know.
    Here’s a question; which save in 73 did Monty rate as a better one than the one he made at Wembley? Need a clue?; the player comcerned went on to play for us.
    Let’s start an obscure quiz theme. I’ll supply three a week if other will contribute.

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