Decipher these autographs

Interesting question set by my confrères at the safc-fans site on behalf of one of their subscribers.

Click to enlarge the image and then supply all the names of Sunderland players, circa 1978, who signed the page. You can do this here, as a comment, or direct to the safc-fans site at this link, though you may have to register if not already a member.

Bobby Kerr, Gary Rowell and Gordon Chisholm have already been identified.

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  1. The very same Ian Watson.
    John Douglas Collins for his full handle. He was only with us for a season then went to America.

  2. Ian Watson – was he the goalkeeper who had a blinder at Millwall on a Saturday and then a nightmare on the Monday night at home to Burnley in the cup? The Millwall game was an epic encounter. Barry Kitchener kicked lumps out of Wayne Entwistle and he nicked the winner ten minutes from time. It was a quiet walk back to New Cross Station along Cold Blow Lane. Is it Doug Collins rather than John Collins?

  3. I can make out (roughly top to bottom)
    Bobby Kerr, Hindmarch,Roy Greenwood, Gordon Chisholm, Jeff Clarke, Mick Henderson, Barry Siddall, Bob Lee, Gary Rowell, Wayne Entwhistle, Joe Bolton, Ian Watson, Tim Gilbert,Kevin Arnott, John Collins and Alan Brown.

  4. I can make out these; the late Rob Hindmarsh, Mick Henderson and Joe Bolton ( both sent off at Burnley and we went on to win 2-1), Barry Siddall, Mick Docherty, who was recently sacked at Gillingham,Wayne Entwistle (possibly the only Sunderland player to have scored a hat trick with a ball even more orange than a glass of Sunny Delight), the late Tim Gilbert, whose son Peter is at Plymouth (I think), Alan Brown, father of Chris and former landlord of The Postboy in Ferryhill, Kevin Arnott (pure class), Jeff Clarke and Bob Lee, who appears to have signed himself Robert. That leaves a couple that are completely illegible. Knowledge tells me that Shaun Elliott should be in there somewhere but I can’t see it. Some good players in that lot – Adamson had us playing some neat football in 1978-79.

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