Dust settles … back to business

We’ve had great fun over the past few days, keeping an eye on – and making our own contributions to – what has been said about our survival and Newcastle United’s relegation.

There will be more fun (and that, above, is Adamfearman’s YouTube reminder of Sunday’s potent mixture of relief and joy) plus, today or tomorrow, the announcement of Salut! Sunderland‘s winners in the Who Are They? awards, in which the previews supplied to us throughout last season by opposing fans have been assessed by a panel of three.

But we must not forget how narrow an escape Sunderland had from joining the Mags in the Championship or, worse, taking their place in the Premier League bottom three. In the end, we could not save ourselves and had to thank Villa for doing our job for us.

Once again, we are left hoping that – at last – SAFC can move on, make a bold appointment of a new manager and build a team worthy of the fantastic support.

Later today, Salut! Sunderland will present the first in a series of reviews of the season just completed. Please maintain the fabulous interest you have shown in the site in recent days – 1,600 hits on Sunday, well over 2,000 yesterday – and return to see what our contributors, all passionate supporters of our club, have to say.

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