Who are you? The winners, that is …


So we’re all fretting away like mad. We need our minds taking off the trauma of 4pm-6pm Sunday.

Then let Salut! Sunderland offer a little relief by announcing that it has found three prizes for winners of the great Who Are They? awards.

No, we cannot offer a Championship season ticket for St James’ Park as they haven’t been printed yet and we wouldn’t want to tempt fate anyway. No flyaway holidays; not even a measly million from Chris Tarrant or your MP’s duck pond account.

But we have things football fans would actually want to possess:

First prize … a customised book from Getting Personal tracing your club’s history. I’ve got the Sunderland one and it’s very good

Second prize … one of Philosophy Football’s excellent T-shirts: slogan “Against Modern Football” with

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  1. A massive cheer from Salut! Sunderland for fans of the above clubs who have come here to see what their mates have written – or what I’ve said about them.
    We never get many responses here – for some reason, not that kind of site – but we’ll soon be in four figures for the day’s hits, and that is extraordinary.

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