World Cup: support England, Paraguay and the Global Football Monitor

Salut! Sunderland is resolutely club before country. But it will not avoid being caught up in the excitement of the World Cup in South Africa.

We want England to win the trophy, but we also want Paraguay to do as well as possible because they have, at least in the provisional squad, two Sunderland players, Paulo da Silva and Cristian Riveros, possibly playing some part.
They also play in red and white stripes, which is more – disgraceful as long-in-the-tooth traditionalists will find it – than we do any more in away games where no clash of colours is obvious.

I am glad to say our support for Paraguay (we don’t usually allow such things as second teams but this was well worth an exception) has already been noticed in South America.

After someone here raised a question about the recovery of another SAFC target, Salvador Cabañas, who was shot in a gruesome incident in Mexico, Marie posted this message and this link:

Thanks!. It is really nice to read that you will be supporting Paraguay!

Salvador Cabañas is getting better… day by day… Hopefully one day, in the near future, we will see him back in the soccer field!

The Fleni, an argentinian Clinic where Salvador Cabañas is making his rehabilitation released the first official images of the recovery process.

Greetings from Paraguay

Vote for England, or Paraguay, or any other of the competing nations after clicking on the illustrated link. I’ve just cast my vote and taken part in the survey and it was an interesting few minutes, but you’ll have to guess the questions to which I answered England, Spain, Paraguay, Uruguay, Republic of Ireland and Cristian Riveros.

And enjoy the summer …

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