Adios Paraguay – but thanks for the memories


It was
an astonishing run, made all the better because Sunderland AFC had not only colours – red and white stripes – but players, Paulo da Silva and Cristian Riveros, so deeply involved.

Tonight, everyone expected Paraguay’s World Cup 2010 adventure to end.

Salut! Sunderland, having declared its hand weeks before the tournament started, hoped for a different outcome. So did red-blooded males of anything hut Spanish origin ever since a star of these pages – Larissa Riquelme – promised to strip if Paraguay won.

“If Paraguay reach the semi-finals or final I will strip in the [Asuncion central square] Plaza de la Democracia,” she was quoted as saying,

Well, after lots of excitement, including all those penalties, Spain duly won. But they had to fight for it, might have lost it and won’t look back on an easy passage to the semis.

Bravo Paraguay. To da Silva and Riveros and friends made along the way: vamos Sunderland. And to Larissa: just don’t listen to those who say “strip anyway”.

Colin Randall

7 thoughts on “Adios Paraguay – but thanks for the memories”

  1. I think that there are a few things that need looking at. Whilst the circumstances surrounding the Suarez hand ball were unique it raises the question of a “penalty goal” in the most spectacular fashion. It was going in. If the referee can see clearly that the ball was going in and the player handballs it then he should have the power to award a goal. It doesn’t even have to work across the whole of the box. It could be limited to “in and around the 6 yard box” with the spirit of interpretation being left to the referee. It doesn’t have to be a goal for any handball in the box just for those cases where it is clearly blatant and prevents a certain goal. It shouldn’t be difficult to implement after goals crossing the line have been deemed to have not! Good post gerconnolly btw

  2. There hasnt been a headlong rush to bring it in but isnt it time to consider a penalty goal? Handball on the line is penalised with a sending off. However it is also rewarded by a stay of excecution.In the later stages of any close match it makes sense to handle on the line.It is usually a reflex reaction to raise a hand to the ball.How can Beckham manage to be at every event on my t.v.Looking forward to seeing him at St.Andrews and the Royal Variety Performance!
    Thank you Ghana and Paraguay.

  3. Valdez was not offside but the other Paraguay player was Bill. When the ball was knocked in, he moved towards it while in an offside position and the assistant was right to put his flag up. If he had stood still, Valdez would have been ok.
    I agree with you about the encroachment, but he did Paraguay a favour by making Spain take their kick again. And he missed a blatant trip on Fabregas by the keeper in the melee that followed his excellent save.
    Still, as Jeremy said, our two were magnificent. Why are we even looking at the likes of Upson when we have Da Silva on our books? And I am really looking forward to seeing Riveros play – don’t suppose he will be turning out at Darlington in two weeks time!

  4. Amen, Jeremy. But what a travesty that the greatest memories will both involve robbery and injustice. How close we came to a Ghana-Paraguay final. Now THERE would have been a World Cup match worthy of the name.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful display from the Paraguayan lads who leave the tournament with their heads held high. What a shame that Oscar Cardozo missed the penalty. The keeper had moved and come forward by the time the ball was struck. That’s a rule which regrettably is rarely if ever enforced by referees. Whatever happens now in the tournament, the greatest memories will be of “our lads” in red and white and the marvellous Ghana!

    There’s a lot to look forward to with Paulo putting in outstanding displays, and Christian looking like a real gem. Roll on August!

    Absolutely Vamos Sunderland Colin! Spot on!

  6. Paraguay can absolutely hold their heads high. The officials can not. The referee and his assistants should be arrested for grand larceny. Paraguay’s goal was not offside and their penalty should have been retaken because of Spanish encroachment into the area. They played a blinder. Riveros and da Silva were great. They deserved a place in the semis. I’m looking now for Germany to score 4 against the Spanish and then to leave the Dutch flat-footed in the final.

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