Small mercies: let’s say the unsayable and hail Germany

There comes
a time when even Englishmen can forget the island race mentality and show a little European solidarity.

Germany’s trouncing of Argentina not only makes us feel ever so slightly better about having lost by a similar margin – as it was when I started writing; it became greater of course – and with much more by way of grievances to moan about.

It also means reports of the demise of European football have been greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain, who said something like that about his own prematurely recorded death, would agree, whether or nor he, too, would have hated the fact that it required Germans to make the point.

But, of course, it doesn’t. The Netherlands have already disposed of Brazil, and the 2-1 win was ultimately deserved.
Much as we – Sunderland fans – may pray for it to be otherwise, Spain are expected to end the Paraguayan dream tonight (come back and remind me of these words if they turn out to be foolish!).

At least two, then, and maybe three of the semi finalists will be from Europe, and one of them is now more likely than any other remaining nation to carry off the cup. Only a fortnight ago, we – the old footballing nations of Europe – were being written off by sneering, know-nothing columnists in New York and elsewhere as having been reduced to minor contender status.

Bordering on treason it may be, but I therefore welcome a thumping German victory over Argentina.

Colin Randall

6 thoughts on “Small mercies: let’s say the unsayable and hail Germany”

  1. The German team is good going forward at speed. Barry reminded me of an elephant trying outrun a gazelle.
    Other than that the result Germany-England could have been different if a goal had been rewarded and the result had been 2-2 at the break.

  2. It’s what happens when your football is structured and organised from the bottom instead of the bloated all consuming Premier League that exists in England. The DFB organises proper coaching throughout the country. The FA are far too busy involving themselves in a running feud with the aforementioned bloated PL and in tell ing clubs further down the “Pyramid” that they must have a minimum number of seats and the correct density of hard standing.
    I still think that Capello bears some responsibility for the shambles wot wuz England, but the FA, the press, Sky TV and, most of all, the players shoulder most of the blame.
    English football will continue to be in thrall of money …… until the money runs out. After the ineptitude shown on the pitch in Bloemfontein, that could be sooner rather than later.
    So, three predictions wrong. Hope it is a clean sweep.
    Viva Paraguay!!!

  3. I’ll be eating my words for lunch. I thought Argentina would be all over the Germans. What price Messi and Maradona now?
    Interesting that the German coach, Joachim Löw, is working without a contract and came into the World Cup not knowing if he’d be keeping his job. What a contrast to Capello’s obscenely padded cash cushion. Capello’s immediate future with England is certain (the team’s future with Capello is altogether uncertain). Löw, in theory anyway, could be replaced. But I somehow doubt if he will be.

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