From nowhere, Rooney challenges Ronaldo as World Cup flop

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Before the tournament
, no one even thought of him in such terms.

Now Wayne Rooney is second only to Cristiano Ronaldo as the biggest disappointment of the World Cup.

Since both England and Portugal have now departed, it looks like being a title Rooney may be glad to avoid getting his hands on – unless the fans’ sense of dismay at his performances grows between now and the last survey being conducted. (Or Ronaldo’s spittle is found to possess miracle powers for curing all diseases known to mankind, thereby enhancing his popularity).

Favourite excuses by managers? Match officials, of course, never their own shortcomings. Team to win the trophy? Move over Spain, there are new favourites.

But I won’t spoil any more surprises for those who wish to explore the results for themselves: just go to this link and by all means come back here to say what you think about people’s choices.

Colin Randall

7 thoughts on “From nowhere, Rooney challenges Ronaldo as World Cup flop”

  1. Aye Bill, I read that as “blah, blah, blah de blah, blah blah blah.” They might was well qoute The Flowerpot men as him.

    “Flobbleop, poppety, globbleop,” said Capello. Weed declined offering her views with a polite “No comment.”

  2. Speaking of rubbish, I see that — surprise, surprise — Capello’s keeping his job. I guess the F.A. decided that was better than shovelling good money after bad and paying him £12 million to go away.
    He’s quoted as saying: “I can assure the fans I am now fully focused on our European qualifying fixtures, starting with the friendly against Hungary in August. We will look to introduce new players to give the team new energy and I will use all my experience to take England forward. I am extremely proud to be the England manager, it means so much to me and I am determined to succeed.”
    And the vuvuzelas played “believe it if you like.”

  3. There are different types of rubbish aren’t there?

    Rooney was rubbish almost in the style of David Rush, whereas from the little that I saw of Ronaldo he was complete dross very much in the mould of Tommy Miller. It’s good to see even a superstar like Ronaldo still getting some value from Gordon Armstrong’s “portable hole”.

  4. Honda went for 9 mill I think. According the CBC commentator at least. That’s probably as reliable as wikipedia mind you.

  5. I wonder if there’ll be wider interest in Honda now. I’d love to see him playing in the Premiership.
    Suarez has been very impressive. A funny (peculiar rather than ha-ha) thing for me about Forlan. He’s a terrific player and he’s had a great World Cup but I still find there’s something about him that I don’t like. Maybe I keep harking back to his days at Old Trafford.

  6. Thing is, there was talk of Keisuke Honda a while back. I’m not surprised he ended up in Russia though.

    A case of the Premiership, La Liga teams not willing to take a gamble on him yet. But the Russian’s with by big spending backers, were more than happy to splash the cash for him; £6m I believe he moved for – and with a ton of add-ons I’m sure.

    Luis Suarez is having a pretty good tournament too for Uruguay. Perhaps a move to a bigger team is in order for him if the rumours are to be believed of the big dogs sniffing around him.

    And what of Diego Forlan? Other than a poor spell at Man Utd – for which he may always be remembered – he’s been consistently successful at both domestic and international levels. A fantastic player no doubt.

  7. Poor officiating has, alas, become an all-too-believable excuse for unsuccessful team coaches.
    I think it’s telling that when Ronaldo spat at the camera, he actually missed.
    Star player? David Villa.
    Breakthrough star? Keisuke Honda, absolutely.

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