Jordan Henderson: how we say `Hands Off` to the Brands

England Under 21s 2 Macedonia 1, Jordan Henderson man of the match and sublime goalscorer … of course we want our boys to do well when on international duty. But what if Sir Alex, M Wenger et al are also reading the plaudits? Can we hope to hang on to our talent, even when home-grown, if the Brands come calling? …

“The excellent Jordan Henderson.”
That was the Mail. Man of the Match, reports Ian at the Blackcats list, “he and Muamba controlled the midfield but JH also had three of England’s very few shots on target and scored England’s first with, according to all the pundits.`wonderful technique`.”

Why does that terrific response to a Sunderland player’s brilliance on the international stage fill some us with dread? Because it will fuel the speculation, already begun, about a supposedly “big” club – brand is shorter if we have either Manchester club, Arsenal or Chelsea in mind – coming in with a bid.

Back to the Blackcats. This was the sequence:


Watched the U21s last night. The team performance was flat at times but they were worth the win. JH had a good game throughout and deserved MotM. His goal was as good a 20-25 yarder as you’ll see, received the ball and fired in one movement. Hope he brings that skill back to the SOL.

Further on the U21s. I think Capello’s decision to call up Jack Wilshere to the first team on the same evening as the U21s play the return leg in a tight game is poor. He’s important to them and his absence weakens their chances. I don’t think he’ll even figure for the first team.

To compound his poor judgement, he should have called up JH. Streets ahead of Wilshere.

If scholes or drogba had scored that, everyone would have been going mental this morning.

It was an absolute beauty!



Tragedy is we probably won’t be able to keep him


Go on tinker, I’ll bite. 🙂

Where else will he be guaranteed 90 minutes in every game other than with teams on a par with Sunderland? No career progress there. He’ll be a bench warmer and sub with all teams in the top six for a couple of years. If he cracks on and does the business for us, “the world’s his lobster”.

Like Bruce said, almost every Championship manager asked to take him on loan.

I like the lad. I like the fact that he’s never phased by who he’s facing, bags of confidence. He plays with his head up and he gave Wilshere both barrels after a move broke down last night. Strong and always tries to be available on the pitch.

I think his foreseeable future is with us and I haven’t seen such confidence since 18 year old Colin Todd twatted Billy Bremner.


He’s certainly attracting some attention. Steve McManaman said during
his commentary on last week’s game that he sees Henderson as not just
a future England player, but a key part of England’s future given his
versatility. Though he also thinks he should be played on the right.

We could, of course, relax and accept that it will or will not happen. Players feel no more loyalty to clubs than clubs show to them. Jordan, by all accounts, is not even a Sunderland fan, or wasn’t growing up. Don’t let this worry you even more but he is said to have supported Man Utd as a kid.

But if we do have to accept the possibility of interest from elsewhere, what can we do about it? I’ll tell you.

Didn’t Bruce once say that on his day, Kenwyne was worth £20m? Or was it £40m? Well what does that make young Jordan worth? You’ve got it in one: £50m or £20m plus our pick of a couple of their older players. Example: I’d sooner keep Jordan but if we can’t, then let us take Man Utd’s £20m plus Scholes and Giggs.

Monsieur Salut

9 thoughts on “Jordan Henderson: how we say `Hands Off` to the Brands”

  1. Bravo!!! We are not a team that has to sell its biggest assets just to keep afloat anymore. He’s the best young player to come through since Michael Bridges but we have the ambition from the chairman and the owner to make it possible to keep such talent and to meet the players ambitions with success at the club. FTM

  2. Listen boys – we have to be ambitious. Why all the negative talk about Jordan going to a big club? He’s already at a big club!! Did anyone see us tear the pants off of Manyoo last week?? We have the best English manager in the business. We have the best Chairman on the planet. We have a great owner who’s willing to invest in the club. We have the infrastructure, the stadium, wickedly superior training facilities, an evolving team, and the best fans in the frickin world. Let’s talk about how we can break into the top four, and let’s get Jordan talking about it too!! Scholes and Giggs?? PLEASE!!

  3. Rob hits nail on head. Spurs offered crazy money for KJ but that level of bid was never going to be repeated. But this is all fantasy anyway – we all want Jordan to stay so let’s see if he listens to Darren Bent’s advice and does so …

  4. Because there’s a recession on – hadn’t anyone noticed? Every b*gger is skint. He also looked passed his SAFC sell by date and the move was in the best interest of both parties.

  5. I’m looking forward to Jordan developing his career further with regular Sunderland starts and maybe even a captaincy role soon. Then when we do cash in I hope we get wads of cash for him.

    The only thing that concerns me slightly is if Bruce reckoned Jones was worth £20 or even £40 mill on his day, why did we sell for much less?

  6. 20mil + Scholes & Giggs? I would be looking more at Evans and Cleverly + cash if they wanted him. He’s no doubt a quality player but he’s recently signed a new contract (5 years I think?) so he’s ours for a little while longer! Who knows where we will be by then so he may not have a need to move 😉

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