Goalless and sent off – but you’re a star, Gyan

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Someone at SAFC.com may wish to rethink the site’s report of Ghana’s African Cup of Nations match against Sudan.

The introduction beneath a photo of a disconsolate Asamoah Gyan, head cupped in hands, begins: “Black Cats Asamoah Gyan and John Mensah starred in Ghana’s 0-0 draw with Sudan ……”

We then learn that Gyan in fact missed a string of chances before being sent off towards the end.

Perhaps the website gurus have their own definition of “starred”. Not being able to hit a cow’s backside with a banjo, and then being shown a red card (apparently for shoving an opponent in the face) just doesn’t somehow seem to fit.

* The Accra-based site Citifmonline.com reports that Gyan has apologised to Ghanaians for his sending off though he claimed he was unfairly treated by the South African referee, Jerome Damon.

Gyan, sent off for an off the ball incident four minutes from time, said: “I saw one Sudanese defender telling his keeper something in his language and all of a sudden the keeper went down so I went0 there to tell him to stand up because it’s not professional and the Sudanese players rushed00 on me, one pushed me and I also retaliated. So the referee had it wrong, he got all wrong but he has told me he will go back and watch the tape, so I hope he does…but I do apologise for everything.”

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5 thoughts on “Goalless and sent off – but you’re a star, Gyan”

  1. He did miss a fair few but they where far from easy, mostly from the edge of the box and further, he is that type of player, totally different to Bent but IMO will become as valuable to the squad as Bent, just thought you where being a tad over zealous with your views. Keep up the good work!

  2. Fair points. I too want to see our players do their duty on whatever stage, from SoL to appearing in court when required. On this occasion was just v annoyed that a Sunderland player was yet again guilty of indiscipline. The cow’s arse avoiding any direct hit with the banjo was a bit of licence but even safc.com said he missed string of chances.

  3. I agree SAFC.com where a tad over the top with ‘starred’ but your “couldn’t hit a cows backside with a banjo” is also just wrong IMO. And it could be argued that they where the two best players on the pitch, Gyan looking the only player likely to score and Mensah being pretty much untroubled throughout, so in context to the game they played well in a pretty poor game, so I understand both points of view.

  4. Mikey

    I’d argue that the drivel came from safc.com – using a word like “starred” in such a ludicrous context.

    Your view on the value of match fitness is valid. So, with respect, is mine on whether a Sunderland supporter should be especially enthused afte reading match reports dwelling on his sending off for violent conduct and a stream of missed chances.

    Even your point about match fitness would be meaningless (drivel?) if he’d lost his temper much earlier in the game.

  5. Why bother writing such drivel, did you even watch the game?? He has got some fitness under his belt for next Monday, let’s hope he plays, and plays well eh?

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