The Blackburn Rovers ‘Who Are You?’: no man of Straw

At last, the Premier is back. Readers have drifted off in droves during the international break -though I know a few people who would dearly like to visit Salut! Sunderland but come up against cyberspace brick walls – and we face an almighty task in bringing them back.

Meanwhile …

Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland: another chance to do the business on the road.

Not for the first time, we approached the former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to be the Rovers fan to preview the game. That’s mentioned only because, again, he – or his office -felt no need to offer the courtesy of a reply. So off we went Down Under, where we unearthed Tony Sassine*, a fan since very early boyhood and owner of a willing pair of hands at the Vital Blackburn site …

Salut! Sunderland: Not much to choose between us, on points/results/position, in the opening part of the season. Are you satisfied, disappointed or relieved by Rovers’ early form?

The form has been inconsistent to say the least. We should of got something out of the Birmingham game, and have conceded a few sloppy goals turning a lead into a draw or loss. I’m sure Big Sam would be just as frustrated as us fans would be. A poor showing last up against Stoke was a real downer, and hopefully the break will freshen things up for us

So Danny Murphy includes Big Sam among managers who pump up players to, let’s put it bluntly, get out there and mix it. Fair comment or drivel?

Absolute drivel and nonesense. For a player, still playing in the game, to come out with such rubbish is really outrageous. He does have to remember he will be facing a few of the managers in the upcoming weeks, and will cop a spray from the faithful. Rovers play to our strengths, and we are yet to have man sent off this season, so what a load of crap.

What is your best hope for the season? Where will you – and we – end up in the Premier League?

Well we are out of the league cup thanks to our lovely friends at Aston Villa, so realistically, the FA Cup is our best bet. We really need another good run there and a bit of luck. As for the Premier League, it will be tough with the limited budget we have. Optimistically, I would hope to sneak inside the top 10, but realistically, 11th-13th would be the spot. As for Sunderland, I think you do have the firepower to force your way into the top 10, and 8th-9th spot would be the bet.

Was there any departure or arrival on transfer that inspired or angered you? And which of your Dioufs has won your affection/admiration?

The lack of arrivals was probably the main concern. We needed another man upfront, and apart from Dioufy junior, nothing came to avail. A creative midfielder would of been an asset, but nothing…..El Hadji Diouf is currently playing his best football in years. He really is our main creative threat, and will need to be onfire for us to grab the points this weekend. MB Diouf has scoreda few decent goals, though his form of late has dropped.

Can Blackburn Rovers ever break back into the Premier elite or are those days gone for ever?

Unfortunately, Rovers just can not compete financially with the bigger powers. Whether a takeover would change this or not would be hard to predict, but unfortunately, 6th spot is probably the ultimate goal these days.

What are your memories of Alan Shearer and Shay Given?

Didnt get to see much of Shay Given, though Alan Shearer was absolute class. The goals he could score, and the work he did off the ball was second to none. Legend.

How will the Premier run this season: top four in order and bottom three?

Chelsea, Man City, Man U, Arsenal. No real surprises there….As for relegation, it will be interesting, especially if Liverpool do go into administration!!! ( We can only wish?). I will go for Bolton, West Ham, Wolves

Have you forgotten the World Cup already? Do international breaks such as the current one fire you with patriotic fervour, or leave you cold?

Being a patriotic Aussie, international breaks are aways good. We always have a game or 2 lined up, and when they are in Sydney, makes it even sweeter. The World Cup was one of missed opportunity for us. We had absolutely no luck, but then again, our defensive tactics didn’t create any luck

Cheating – diving, feigning injury, trying to get opponents sent off or booked – is widespread. Is it time to abandon high-minded principles about the spirit of the game and fair play. and just accept that it has become an essential part of the footballer’s game? If not, how do we stamp it out?

I think more retrospective action needs to be taken.It can be extremely difficult for a ref to see these incidents, a panel should be able to adjudicate and issue fines, sanctions, etc…

Who are the best players you have ever seenin Rovers colours, and who would you like to have been spared seeing at all?

Tugay. Absolute legend. Controlled the midfield, directed play, and scored from 30 yards regularly. The Maestro! Also Brett Emerton, a true clubman, does what is asked an beyond. Worst player- let’s not go there, there have been a few blunders!!!

What is the best moment you’ve experienced in football, and what about the worst?

In July this year, Blackburn visited Australia! For those who have me on Facebook, they could see how much we enjoyed it, 3 games, thousand of photos and some great moments. Australia qualifying for the 2006 world cup after John Aloisi’s winning penalty against Uruguay was also a highlight.
As for lowlight, who could forget Grosso’s dive for Italy against Australia in extra time at the 2006 world cup quarterfinals…..devestating

Name one thing Rovers or the FA could do to make the game more enoyable or improve the fan’s exerience of attending football

Not to sure here, living in Australia means cant really comment on this one! Always thought an after game or half time penalty shoot out with the reserve players could always make for some entertainment!

What is your view of Sunderland – city, fans, club – if you have one? Always liked Sunderland to be honest. Good honest bunch of fans (from what i see on the site), hard working team who are plugging away just like us!

And what will be the score on Monday – and will you be there?

I will be watching it at 5am local Sydney time! 1-1 with Sunderland pinching a late equaliser!

* Tony Sassine on Tony Sassine :

In 1992, at the age of five I chose the blue and white halves and stuck with it! I am now 23 and still a loyal Rover! As for what I do, I have completed an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science, and a currently studying my Masters of Secondary Education (High School). I work as a sales rep selling exercise equipment, and play soccer in the Sydney Amateur League.

I am also a Site Editor for Vital Blackburn, a website made by the fans, for the fans.

All the best guys!

* A polite reply from Mr Straw or his office declining our invitation would have been sufficient to avoid any mention of the approach to him.

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  1. For many years my then, outlaws, now in laws, lived in Blackburn so I have been a regular visitor to Ewood Park and over the last 40 years there has been an evident and significant change in the balance of the ethnic population of the Town.

    The potential spending power of attracting this largely untapped market is quite prodigious and it surprised me that one obvious question that Salut might have addressed in considering how Blackburn might generate the finances for the club to be able to compete would be the potential of an organisation such as Tata buying the club.

    Internationally there are some very wealthy and powerful companies based in Indian and Pakistan where the bulk of the wealth lies in one man’s hands. If it makes sense for Arabs and Americans to buy into British Clubs why not other nations where there may be a local national predominance. Perhaps such an acquisition might stimulate a greater level of support within the local community and boost the buying power of the club.

    For all I know this may have already happened but perhaps not on a wealthy enough scale to have sufficient impact

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