Chelsea and Jordan Henderson: just tell them he’s theirs for £100m

We’ve had our say – click here – about how to keep the grasping hands of the “big club” Brands off Jordan Henderson.

In Fleet Street and at Murdoch Sky Towers, the football hacks are drumming up speculation about interest from the fading bigwigs of English football. Chelsea are said to have been tracking the lad for months.

If he really is tied to us by contract, it should be relatively simple.

We tell these moneyed oafs, who want him as benchwarmer/prospect, where to go. Or we tell them our price (since everyone has one).

And in the case of young Jordan, that price has just gone up a bit.

Surely a £100m tag would send even Roman Abramovich scurrying off back to his superyacht in the Med. How many trainloads of diesel would that take?

And we’d want a couple of Chelsea players – of our choice, not theirs – in part-exchange.

This transfer business is quite a doddle, really, provided you know how to play it and have certain red lines you won’t allow Chelsea, Man United, Citeh or Arsenal to cross (forget the others; why would he even think of going to any of them?).

Ignore the tawdry allure of the Stamford Bridge/Old Trafford subs’ bench, Jordan. Stay with us and you can still be a real star, playing for a real team in front of real fans.

Monsieur Salut

This is what Steve Bruce is quoted- by the Mail – as saying: “I think we’ve given him two contract extensions already and he can have 32 if he wants. I’ve read that Fabio Capello is going to bring one forward for the France game and apparently the London boys are saying it’s him. I don’t know if that’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
It’s quite refreshing in this day and age to find a young kid who wants to train and play, and who thinks properly. From the moment I clapped eyes on him he jumped out like no other player here.
He’s absolutely, completely devoted to football and I hope he stays that way. If he does he’s got the world at his feet and I don’t often say that about a young player. I’m very, very confident of that because of the way he is.
When I walked through the door, more than any player he grabbed me within two training sessions. I had more conversations when I first got the job about Jordan than any other player.”

Let’s make that £150m plus Lampard, who might just make our bench some weeks.

8 thoughts on “Chelsea and Jordan Henderson: just tell them he’s theirs for £100m”

  1. Jordan’s a fantastic prospect and Sunderland need to do all they can to hold on to the young talent that’s beginning to find it’s way into the first team picture.

    As Cestria mentioned, David Meyler is working his way back to fitness and if he can regain the form he was in before his injury against Manchester United, we could have another very useful (and young) midfielder competing for a shirt this season.

    And, with Ged McNamee and Kevin Ball working exceptionally well to develop the success of the academy, the future is bright.

    Jordan just needs media training now and he’s all set!

  2. Dave raises a good point — do you go for the big money and wind up a warming a bench or do you opt for a less-well-off club that will play you every week and let you make a name for yourself? Job satisfaction over hard cash. “Strength of character” is an old-fashioned concept these days but that’s what it takes to make the right decision.

  3. We have a young team that will get better and players like Jordan Henderson Lee Cattermole and David Meyler{who could turn out to be the best of them all} can be the basis of our midfield for years and should NOT be allowed to leave the club.Providing we continue to improve other positions as Steve Bruce has gradually done since his arrival I see no reason why we we can’t become a top 6 club over the next few years

  4. It annoys me sometimes that as soon as a young prospect emerges the big clubs want to muscle in and splash the cash, often resulting in the young prospect sitting on the bench or worse playing reserve team football. I know footballers want to earn as much as possible but sometimes it backfires and they end up worse off and in obscurity for years. I believe clubs like Sunderland who are striving to grow and realise their potential as a big club should hang on to these players no matter what, and I think young Henderson should be loyal to the club that has nurtured him for so long. I sincerely hope he stays and becomes part of a great Sunderland team to come.

  5. Great player and i can’t deny that i would like to see him at Chelsea but i’m a firm believer that these kids should be loyal to the clubs that made them the players they are. I’d be fairly confident in saying that Man City are your biggest worry when it comes to Henderson as Ancelotti seems pretty intent to progress more players through Chelsea’s academy. Still I look forward to the next few seasons and watching him grow as a player. I don’t know what all the critics are worrying about. The future looks very bright for English football.

  6. Just watched the SAFC TV video and have to say what a smashing lad. The world is his oyster. Gan on Jordan!

    Good to hear the Man U supporting rumour put to bed here and elsewhere in the press. Perfectly acceptable for a young up-and-coming lad to have a soft spot for them, with Beckham and Giggs, while we were nowt to shout about. He’s going to be the magic carpet driver!

  7. He’s a far better player than Jack Wilshere, although you wouldn’t know it if all you read was the London based press. Stick with the Lads, Jordan!!

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