Blackpool v SAFC Observed (1): Steve Bruce salutes Kieran

No “Dear Colin” or any other salutation in the latest post-match missive from Steve Bruce, but his team got the result we wanted so all is forgiven …

Steve writes:

The one thing the squad needs today is a pat on the back. Every time we’ve come up against a bit of adversity we’ve come out firing.

We showed great resilience and arguably this was one of our best performances of the season.

In the first half in particular, the football was a joy to watch.

The players were determined. One player isn’t bigger than the club, especially ours with our history and tradition.

It’s about time we drew a line under everything now. It’s up to me to make sure what we do now is the right thing.

Blackpool are very open and terrifically entertaining to watch. Today, though, we punished them.

We got sloppy towards the end and the referee gave them a ridiculous penalty that put them back in to the game.

Kieran came out with two great finishes. I’ve asked him to play left back, centre midfield, left midfield, all over and I think he revels in that attacking role.

Well done to Kieran. He gets on with it, he’s a great asset to the team because – probably to his detriment – I can play him in any position.

All the best,

Steve Bruce

4 thoughts on “Blackpool v SAFC Observed (1): Steve Bruce salutes Kieran”

  1. No need to apologise Mr Taylor. I just had the sense that the boys would put the horrible week to an end with a great display. Birflatt always felt that this was likely because it was well, erh………indeed so unlikely. The alternative Bill, is that Birflatt was simply overcome with the enthusiasm of youth!

    Darren who…..was that?

    Oh, …………. Williams. Do you know I’d almost forgotten about him!

  2. Fuller should not be on our list. Nor should Pavlyuchenko or Bendtner. I have had faith in Keiran for a long time. Today he played where Danny Wellbeck has been. Well done Keiran and Asamoah. You both were fantastic today. I hope D Bent keeps scoring as that is £££ coming Sunderland’s way.

  3. Great response today.Just what we needed. Let’s just now forget about Bent and Villa. It’s over and we should move on. Looking forward to Muntari and Sesengon arriving and maybe another striker. Have we lost interest in Fuller? I read somewhere that he wanted £60k a week.Don’t we all !

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