Blackpool Observed (2): we do like to be beside the seaside

The Observer came calling again. Here is Pete Sixsmith‘s verdict, preceded by a Blackpool fan’s thoughts …

John Woodman,

A bad day at the office. Both sides had plenty of chances but we were flat from the start and never got going. Sunderland were quicker to the ball than us. We had a chance to score before them when Varney was one on one with the keeper and instead of dinking it over the keeper he hit it straight at him. Had we scored that it might have changed the direction of the game. Then our full-back got injured and they scored down that side. We were better in the second half but we didn’t have the guile of DJ Campbell up front, with his darting runs, and we had to make two enforced substitutions and one of them was our goalkeeper


The fan’s player ratings Kingson 6 (Rachubka 56 7); Eardley 8, Cathcart 7, Evatt 7, Crainey 6 (Ormerod 49 6); Grandin 6 (Harewood 62 6), Adam 7, Vaughan 8; Phillips 7, Taylor-Fletcher 7, Varney 7

Pete Sixsmith,

A good end to a disappointing week for our football club. Sunderland showed strength of character to win this one against a determined Blackpool side. Kieran Richardson took his goals well from two superb passes. Asamoah Gyan led the forward line well and should flourish now he has a regular place. Blackpool threw everything at us in the closing stages but the defence stood its ground very well and our goalkeeper Gordon is very consistent now he is playing with a strong back four line behind him (*see comment). As the departing fans sang: “Who on earth needs Darren Bent?” apart from “on earth” weren’t the words used.

The fan’s player ratings Gordon 8; Onuoha 7, Bramble 7, Ferdinand 8, Bardsley 7 (Colback 63 6); Elmohamady 6 Henderson 7, Zenden 7, Richardson 8, Malbranque 7 (Riveros n/a); Gyan 8

11 thoughts on “Blackpool Observed (2): we do like to be beside the seaside”

  1. To be fair to Richardson he has so often been played out of position. He isn’t a full back and he isn’t a winger. The best football he has ever played has been in an advanced role, so the question remains why does Bruce insist that LB is his best position? It isn’t.

  2. There is no doubt that after the early season fall out, when some may have shirked, Ferdinand has played his part at a time when we have been stretched defensively. Likewise Bardo. I confess I had my doubts a few months ago, especially when Anton appeared to be susceptible to the slightest knock. But both he and Bardsley could have left the club six months ago and it seemed likely they would. They have both stepped up to the plate when asked. Similarly Richardson. He has not always looked the most secure player either at fullback or in midfield, but he has done the job asked of him with varying degrees of success. But the important thing is he has played where SB has asked him and not chucked his dummy out.

  3. Yes he did,Ian, but in the second half I thought Ferdinand did really well and particularly so when we were under pressure in the closing stages. There are clear signs that he is beginning to be able to cope with situations where he has to take some responsibility.
    Bramble also had a good game, so maybe I could have given him 1 more. I did try the marks out on people sat around me on the coach and they agreed.
    As the man with the wooden leg said,”It’s a matter of opinion”.

  4. I think we need an explanation on how Mr Sixsmith rated Anton higher than Titus. Anton had a typical fannying around moment in the first half where he very nearly lost possession and gave the Tangerines a clear run on goal!

  5. Blackpool were poor on the day but we won without too much excursion. We are now 1 point behind Chelsea and Spurs who are challenging for the Champions League, if the Bent funds are used to sign a top striker “Hulk” we could realistically finish above both these teams, they both haveto travel to SOL and that has been a fortress apart from the Blackpool injustice ( righted now) Is this the rantings of a lunatic are the fantasy of a romantic fool. This will be our best ever chance lets at least give it a go fortune favours the brave and the prize would be amazing

  6. I much prefer him in this attacking role and just hope the taste of scoring sparks off his enthusiasm for the position.

  7. This was a very advanced role for Richardson with two excellent finishes. He has rarely been given the freedom to do this and yet this is the role that got him capped for England.

    He is not a left back for sure. We played well and should have really put the game out of Blackpool’s reach.

    Adam is a good player and was the pick of Blackpool’s side even last season. I have a feeling that he is going to be one of these players that can do it for his current club but not anywhere else. I have no evidence other than the fact that he went to Blackpool from Rangers for 500K. Anyone could have had him at the time. 24 years old when he moved. What’s the reason?

  8. After last weeks inept performance or should I say yet another inept performance from Richaedson I’d have been happy if I never saw him in a Sunderland strip again. However, his performance yesterday reminded me of how he looked in pres-aeason two years ago when he was given the freedom of this advance role/position – Quality! Still one swallow does not make a summer. Or does it?

  9. sunderland started brightly nad this dictated the game. adam was always gonna be at the forefront of any pool threat, but they showed little guile in teh 2nd half, when safc should really have been more ruthless up to the 70 min mark.
    as for richardson being a goalscorer??? these were hsi 1st strikes since oct 2009. he has looked very good at left back , but bardsley is irreplaceable at the moment. richardson has had many chances playing in central midfield, and basically blew them everytime. i reserve judgement on him.

  10. Well not quite the hammering I hoped for but it was more than made up for by KR being played in his favoured attacking position providing two well taken goals the first from a superb pass from Gyan.

    The second boost was the charitable submission by our near neighbours for the second time in the dying minutes to ensure that we have a seven point lead over them.

    Why Bruce has stuck with this obsession that Richardson is a full back at a time when goals from our mid-fieled have been like hens teeth I will never know.

  11. Erm, I know the back four plays in front of the goalkeeper. Put it down to the conversation I was having with Neil, the Observer man (a very happy Jambo!!) about Gordon being so much better now that he has decent defenders in front of him rather than the likes of Collins.
    Or I could just have been giddy about witnessing my first away win of the season.

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