Andy Reid: thanks, sorry … and good luck at Blackpool

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We will wait until tomorrow to write about anything that has happened on the deadline day transfer front.

Who knows whether there can be yet further twists before the witching hour is reached?

But that pause for reflection should not get in the way of bidding farewell to Andy Reid who, but for injury, would surely have made a much bigger impact at Sunderland.

I remain a fan, remember clearly how his long layoff began at a time when he was arguably our best player and feel deeply unhappy that it didn’t work out a great deal better for him and for us.

Andy carries the best wishes of Salut! Sunderland as he climbs aboard the charabanc bound for Blackpool, where we hope he enjoys the Lights, keeps his guitars under lock and key, avoids the fast food, candy floss and rock (given his tendency to pile on weight) and plays out a great second of the season with the Tangerines.

For those who missed it, click on for a great little clip of an interview with Andy, complete with a bit of music from the lad.

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10 thoughts on “Andy Reid: thanks, sorry … and good luck at Blackpool”

  1. Good luck to Andy Ried at Blackpool. I have always liked him as a player for us, surprised Andy Carrol is going though, being from the north east I thought he may have had abit more loyalty to Newcastle, but that is something thats thin on the ground these days, surely Tony K you should have realised with Ashley running your club everyone has a price

  2. One of my favorite players at the club and very sad to see him move on.

    If he was 6ft with a more athletic build he would probably be one of the best players in the country, he has an excellent left foot, great vision and he’s obviously a positive influence to have at any club.

    On behalf of all the supporters at SAFC I wish nothing but the best for your future in and out of football.

  3. Great posts all round and there is clear consensus, regret that it didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped, genuine goodwill towards him for his future at Blackpool and total respect for Bruce/Quinn/Short in that we have moved on sufficiently to regard it as good, not bad business.

  4. Well this was about Reidy and regardless of how well Bruce is doing I have to say I admire the the animated barrel has comported himself as a member of the team.

    Andy was one of those characters who didn’t just love the game he loved life and sometimes those little extremes plagued him with the image of being built for comfort and not for speed.

    Those periods of warmth in winter and shade in summer were becoming a shade too debilitating even with the natural talent with which he was blessed. His game was suffering and he ended the season with many wondering if he would ever find the commitment to regain his game and see him through another season.

    To the astonishment of many a slim line version of Andy appeared to accolades from his manager to the effort he had put in during the close season.

    In my opinion Andy never quite achieved the consistency his skills deserved but he was entertaining and exciting and embellished his game with a few gems of goals and passes that will remain in our memories and affection for a long time.

    Many thanks Reidy for the manner in which you joined the ranks of some of the genuinely loved slightly eccentric characters that have graced our club over the years. Many of us will wish you well for the future in the game you clearly love.

  5. My thoughts on this are very much in line with Martin. It seems to me that over the years we have grown so accustomed to having such a lot to complain about that the habit is becoming hard to break even when we are in an unprecedented position. We have just signed one lad from Inter Milan (with 2 Scudettos and a Champions Leauge medal in his pocket) and another from PSG.

    Quinn and Short have done a lot of spadework but Steve Bruce and Eric Black (who never seems to get any credit) have completed the jigsaw and propelled the club to the point where this has become possible.

    On Andy Reid. Bitter sweet to see him go. More a mark to demonstrate how far we have progressed. Bardlsey and Reid coming in 3 years ago in the window kept us up. Without the two of them we’d have been sunk. He’s a player that I thought was going to be a world beater when he was a young lad at Forest, but for whatever reason he hasn’t scaled the heights that a lot of us expected. He could still have had a part to play for us in my view but I wish the lad the very best of luck in his new surroundings. He’s going to work for a canny football club for a smashing fellah in Ian Holloway.

    Hope it all works out for you Andy. Best of luck at the seaside mate!

  6. Good luck Mr Reid. Get your Mrs to hide the lard though!

    Totally agree with Eric. Brucie is the best manager in Britain, yet some folks on this site (although the numbers are dwindling) remain unsure about him. Very recently Mr Horan posted rather pointedly that he still wasn’t sure about him – and after the sheer pants we’ve had to witness over the years, that baffles me!! What does he have to do to please you Pete??? Maybe if he came round and vaccuumed your sewage and picked the moss off your roof with his teeth, he might get in your good books!

    In the words of Barry Bent – “Peace”.

  7. A sweet left foot and a creative flair.
    I hope he does well at Blackpool. Wish him every success. If he keeps in shape he’ll be a very good layer for them.
    I also hope he regains his Ireland slot. On the right day his creativity is very useful.

  8. Totally concur with both Comments.He was playing some exciting football before he got injured and unfortunately Bruce didn’t give him a decent chance when he came back.

  9. Nice post, a player that played his part in keeping us up, I remember his goals against Norwich in the League Cup also. I have to say though it’s a another great piece of business by Bruce, Da Silva, Healy and now Reid all gone with only Nosworthy and McCartney left to shift as hard as it sounds on the guys. Can’t wait for Chelsea and to get a look at Sess! I hope Niall gets Bruce on a long term contract also cos he’s the best manager in Britain!

  10. Totally agree. Reid was quite unlucky in his time here. Appart from his footballing abilities he always looked a canny chap, pleasant and funny.
    He’ll be remembered for his pass to Murphy (for the kind of goal he will never probably score again) and his 96th minute winner against WHU (saving Murphy’s blushes). Very valuable asset in the relegation dogfights and a clever footballer!
    Best of luck.

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