Are Spurs courting Cattermole? A word of advice for our Steve

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Salut! Sunderland has not checked the provenance of the Caught Offside website’s report that SAFC – apologies for the lapse into tabloidspeak – are “bracing themselves for a summer approach from Tottenham for combative midfielder Lee Cattermole”.

Maybe it comes from Caught Offside’s own inside sources. And maybe not. The writer credits another site, Sportingo, and also seems to believe Cattermole has special gifts for larceny, informing us: “He would bring much needed steal to the Tottenham midfield.”

In case you want to read more, the site also describes the Tottenham interest in these terms, after the obligatory reference to Cattermole’s aversion to seeing out whole games:

“Harry Redknapp believes that his impetuosity will diminish with maturity and is ready to take a chance on the player. With the jury still out on Wilson Palacios at the top level, Spurs are keen on acquiring a rugged, dynamic central tackler to complement his legion of talented attacking midfielders and he will tempt the Black Cats to sell with a bid of £10m.

“Having featured a number of times at under-21 level, Cattermole is desperate to win senior honours with England and would jump at the chance of a move that would give him the ability to showcase his ability on a loftier stage such as the Champions League – should Spurs qualify for next season’s competition.”

Questions arise. Is Cattermole’s agent talking up his client? Are the thoughts attributed to Cattermole – to the effect that he’d welcome such a move – known to be his, or just assumed to be so? Has either club dropped a hint, whether to Caught Offside, Sportingo or anyone else? Is it just a heap of speculative nonsense?

If there is a shred of truth in it, Salut! Sunderland has customary words of wisdom to offer Steve Bruce. Don’t forget that the manager and I are on first name terms, as witnessed by his regular post-match e-mails addressed “Dear Colin”.

Should an approach come, Steve, tell Spurs we also value Cattermole’s combative qualities and share the hope that he will increasingly show himself to be a top-rate player for whom regular red cards are a thing of the past.

And then refer Mr Redknapp to the Daniel Levy rule of outward transfers, double or treble the figure Spurs offer – assuming it is £10m – and insert a few add-on clauses for good measure.

Graphic dedicated to Dan (see Comments)

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** Stop press: and if the Evening Standard is right in saying ‘Arry wants Kieran Richardson, that’ll cost him another £30m.

Monsieur Salut

7 thoughts on “Are Spurs courting Cattermole? A word of advice for our Steve”

  1. I have just read that Harry’s after Kieran as well. It’s a good thing that our players are linked with the big boys, but it’s crucial we keep hold of them if we are serious about competing for Europe.

    What does it say about Mr Capello if players north of Birmingham are overlooked. If I was employing him I would call him straight to the office and either sack him for his pathetic and damaging prejudices, or slap him on the bonce with a dead sardine.

    We in the UK are scared stiff of accusations of racism, sexism, heightism, sexual orientationism – but the Italian gets away with offending half the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I actually think Jordan Henderson plays his best when Cattermole is playing ; let’s hope he can play like that alongside Muntari – who had a very good debut

  3. Bruce has said this week every player has a price, read into that whatever you like. This has been Sunderlands best campaign for many a year but the question I ask is What was Cattermoles contribution, with his suspensions and injuries he has been absent for large portions of the season. We all know he has qualities that are invaluable in the dog eat dog battles but these tend to come against the lower tier teams. These games have been Sunderlands downfall, we have lost to Wolves, WBA Blackpool and dreaded Newcastle all games we expected to win and in which we put in inept performances the other lossess were against top teams who put in fantastic performances and we held our own for large periods. Could Sunderland survive without Catermole and could we improve without him, both give the answer yes. Muntari has more class and can also battle, I believe 10 mil is too low in the current market and if we sell him to Spurs for 12 we will be able to afford an adequete replacement. Sunderland started the seasons as the youngest and most English team in the league but sadly that has been eroded let’s hope we can find english replacement in their prime.

  4. Capello’s radar stops at Villa Park. If Messi played for Sunderland (not likely, I know) and was English, Capello would probably not pick him. Even less interested in the national side than I was pre the rubbish Capello spouted about Bent. Cattermole at Spurs would have the purists growling.

  5. I’m a Spurs fan – but any club would love to have Cattermole on their squad – however we are rich in midfield talent and I don’t see why we should try to bring him to White Hart Lane. I enjoy watching him play – tho’ he gets his fair share of cautions – and he can only get better. He turned in some fine games for the England U21 side, and frankly I’m a little surprised he doesn’t seem to be on Capello’s radar.

  6. Hope not, from what I’ve seen the guy is a thug and not a good enough player to make up for that.

    He could easily have broken Modric’s leg earlier this season.

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