How to make Manchester United pay if they want Jordan

Jordan Henderson

Most people seem to agree that Jordan Henderson has looked short of his best in recent games.

He remains a terrific player who ought to have a truly massive career ahead of him.

We naturally hope that career is with Sunderland AFC, and that playing for us proves no obstacle to picking up loads of caps for England. Being chosen for the England Under-21 squad for a friendly in Italy next week means he may have to wait for his second full cap, but that wait is unlikely to prove a long one.

When I argued recently at the Blackcats list that Steve Bruce should make keeping Danny Welbeck a pre-condition of allowing Henderson to go to Manchester United, a fellow subscribe said he would rather keep Hendo as he saw him as more important to our long term needs.
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But the reality is that neither Henderson’s modest loss of form nor public commitments on his behalf to Sunderland’s cause will halt the speculation.

Even as the transfer window closed, some newspaper and website reports were speculating that his move to Old Trafford in the summer was more or less a done deal.

It is true that if players want to leave, or clubs the size of Man Utd wish to acquire the best brightest stars or prospects of other teams, they generally get their way in the end.

At the same time, Sir Alex Ferguson said, when asked about the possibility of Welbeck joining Sunderland on a permanent basis: “Steve has as much chance of getting me.”

So let Steve Bruce, Niall Quinn and Ellis Short repay the compliment and let Sir Alex know in the clearest terms that there is as much chance of Jordan Henderson joining United as there is of the official SAFC club site launching a £7.5m takeover bid for Salut! Sunderland.

And that if he insists on banging on the door until the answer changes, that change – if, against our wishes, it has to come – is accompanied by a non-negotiable demand for Mr Welbeck PLUS a top-up fee to cover the financial differential.

Monsieur Salut

3 thoughts on “How to make Manchester United pay if they want Jordan”

  1. There’s a danger of everyone getting ahead of themselves here. Is Henderson quite as good as the majority are making out? No he isn’t! He’s a very good prospect. There’s no doubt about that but he rarely gets on the score sheet and doesn’t create enough clear cut chances for others either. Hard to swallow? Maybe, but that’s the truth. For several weeks he hasn’t looked up to it at all. He’s been way short and had it not been for the injuries to Cattermole, Meyler and recently Zenden then he would have probably been dropped. He maybe needs some time out of the spotlight as he has come a long way. He is probably thinking that he’s going to be the next big money exit from the NE.

    Recent history shows that if someone comes in with a big big and better wages,regardless of who it may be (even Villa!) then the player will probably go. It’s no different to when we bring players in. Chelsea turned Torres head even though he was playing at Liverpool with a hugely superior history and tradition. It can happen to any player at any time. Right now, Henderson will not be causing Ferguson any sleepless nights thinking about when he might be able to get him. He’s really not doing it yet, although I’m sure that he will.

    Sean makes a good point. I think that Meyler is potentially a better player than Cattermole, but a completely different sort of player to JH. It depends how he can recover from his latest injury as he may never get back to the standard he was achieving previously. I hope this isn’t the case, but it’s possible.

  2. I would agree but as for a top up fee i think both fans would be asking who pays money – Us or Man U??

    As for £20-25m i would take it even if he is a propsect. I agree with Johnny, £25m for Bent and £25m for Henderson give us £45 (minus Sessegnon) giving us money to get Onouha, Muntari, Elmo, and money left over to look at other target like a high calibre striker and reinforcements in other positions.

    Meyler is an excellent player and him coming back into the team i would say is better than Henderson, others may think differentely.

    But selling Henderson and getting a good striker, and creativity from midfield i would say is the main aim….Richardons looked good but where is our creativity in midfield???

  3. We cant become a selling club, but if Man U come calling with 20 mil I dont see how we could turn it down.

    Along with the money from Bent and whatever else has been set aside for pre season 2011 you have to estimate we would have between £40 – £50 million in the transfer fund. That would allow us to strengthen in key areas (Striker, Fullback, N’Zogbia).

    We also have to remember if Henderson does leave we have Myler to step in.

    After the treachery of a certain Mr Bent I have learned not to pin aspirations of success on certain players. If Jordan wants to go and win medals with MUFC then its his prerogative. I think there’s a good chance he’ll remain a black cat for the next 2 seasons at least.

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