Steve Bruce: on not learning our lesson

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Who’d be a defender?   Forwards make mistakes, midfielders make mistakes, but when the defence is at fault, there’s no hiding.  As a former defender, Steve Bruce had comments on our failures at the back that raise some interesting questions …

Dear Colin

We started so well but the goal just before half time killed us.

We still haven’t learned our lesson from the Stoke game, and we’ve talked about it before.

It was a simple lack of concentration from a corner and because of that we were deflated going in at half time.

I have to hold my hands up for the second goal – it was a wonder strike. But there’s a frustration there because we should have got something from the game.

If we don’t defend set pieces properly then we’re going to come unstuck. We know we’re not the biggest side but it was a lack of concentration that did for us.

We didn’t pick up Dawson, who’s their best header of the ball – for all our hard work, it’s happened again.

For me, that moment cost us the match.

I was pleased with some of our play, but we shouldn’t have lost the game and that’s the frustration.

We have to stay positive. I don’t think we should have lost the last three games but that’s the Barclays Premier League.

All the best,

Steve Bruce

4 thoughts on “Steve Bruce: on not learning our lesson”

  1. Deffence at fault or not there is one thing iknow and got slayed about it in the past.
    We only have one striker, we are predictable! You can’t even pretend to mix it up.
    Deffending starts from the front. If you can’t keep the ball forward you are bound to concede.

  2. @Kable,

    Gordon was not to blame for the Spurs goals. 1st one he was unsighted by Gallas, the 2nd no keeper could have stopped.

  3. Nice to see Bruce post in a one to one comment were it not so similar to the one we all get in content via emails from SB. We would like to feel he listens or reads the fans comments many of whom know a great deal about football.

    Since seeing Henderson at the Baggies game it has been apparent that he is a waste of space at corner kicks and set pieces because he does not have the requisite ball control. The lad may have talent but he is years away from being the finished article. We have to use a player capable of picking out a colleague and getting the ball beyond the first defender.

  4. Am I the only one getting a little bit sick of the same old claptrap week in week out from Bruce the excuse.
    He gets well paid to makre the hard decisions and unfortunately he can’t make the esy ones! Gordon and Henderson should have been left out weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong Henderson has potential but come on he’s not a central mid-field player,can’t tackle and why oh why does Bruce allow him to be responsible for the delivery of our set plays. As for Gordon he does not look at his best right now and we have a more than capable deputy.

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