Salut!’s week: from Liverpool’s Friend, our Foe, to media idiocy

Mrs Logic

Time for another quick look back at the week.

A full stadium, a great build-up and then the damp squib that was, for Sunderland supporters, SAFC v Liverpool.

We played well early on without creating much. Once Liverpool took advantage of the appalling decision to award them a penalty for a foul which, if committed at all, was clearly outside the penalty area, we just disintegrated to the extent that we played little further meaningful part in the game.

Then on Monday, Sunderland lodged and won an appeal against John Mensah’s sending off, which at least gave us the chance for some more grumpiness towards the awful referee Kevin Friend and his even more awful linesman Billy Smallwood.

Salut! Sunderland, as you can imagine, had lots to say. But you won’t go far wrong if you stick to one of these, just clicking on the highlighted text for the full posting:

* Pete Sixsmith’s Soapbox: Liverpool on the up but benefit from ref’s ineptitude

* Liverpool’s Friendly fire: wrong on the penalty, wrong on the red

* Jeremy Robson: what one question would you put to any Sunderland player present or past

* The Mackem Diaspora: another of Jeremy’s ideas and we reopened the series to be able to run a terrific tale of supporting the lads in far-flung corners of the world

* And we looked at the absurd suggestion, given time of day in a shabby display of kneejerk journalism, that Steve Bruce was suspected of racism because he didn’t seem to like Marcos Angeleri very much.

As usual, there was a great deal more. I’ve only mentioned a fraction of it. Just navigate the site, scroll down to see what else we’ve been up to and look forward to proper football resuming next weekend.

Monsieur Salut

4 thoughts on “Salut!’s week: from Liverpool’s Friend, our Foe, to media idiocy”

  1. did not complain? Probably because they saw the ball hit Glen Johnson. And you got the decision (or non-decision) at Anfield with the free-kick Turner was judged to have taken when he move the ball back to where the ref had told him to. So still two dodgy goals to Liverpool and one to us.

  2. Yes, that’s right they did not complain!! Check if you like but there was no formal complaint by the club and unlike United, the players did not surround the ref.

  3. Hey!! Now come on!! Yes, it was not a penalty!! No question!! But not even a foul!!! You are kidding!!! Mensah was lucky not to walk for that foul alone because Spearing was in on goal! Bramble might have got a tackle in but he might also have committed a foul in the area too!! If Spearing had not been fouled by Mensah (and it was DEFINITELY a foul) then he could well have got a shot away and scored. Last season you got the dodgy decision, this year we did but Liverpool fully deserved their win anyway!! Just move on!! Last season we got an awful decision given against us – did Liverpool complain – no they just got on with it. Time to move on Sunderland and create your own luck against your opponents

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