West Ham v SAFC ticket news: Sullivan’s got Gold, wants more

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Here’s one for Niall Quinn to get his teeth into following those heartening words, when he addressed the Commons Select Committee, on football fans being fleeced.

West Ham have just announced the prices for the last game of the season, us at their place, Presumably because their future may well depend on the result, the Hammers have deemed the match to be Category A.

And that means adult prices start at £46. This is for what is called a Band 4, ie bog standard, seat. Such seats must be even worse than those listed as restricted view, since the club charges another £3 for the latter.

Prices go all the way up to £64. And I am told the lowest figure of £46 will apply to visiting fans as well as home supporters. If our supporters are where they’ve been situated before, it is a fair bet at least some will not get a great view for their money.

The basis for making the match Category A does not – or should not – apply to Sunderland, unless we go on a disastrous run and all but two clubs below us steadily pick up points.

Hands up anyone who can think of proper justification for paying at least £46 to see a game at whatever the place is called these days: Upton Park, Boleyn Ground or pre-post-Olympic Stadium. No, I thought not. We are just being “entertained” by rip-off merchants who know they will probably get away with it.

As some has said in a thread at Ready To Go, what a shame Niall didn’t manage to slip in a reference to this when he faced MPs.

A couple of other comments:

Could be the best £46 ever spent if we qualify for Europe and send them down the same day? –

We should all make a stand against this type of thing and boycott the game its a f****** disgrace, plain and simple robbery –

I don”t actually agree with wackyjacky’s desire to see us send the Hammers down. Their fans are victims of extortionate pricing as much as ours.

But I would love Sunderland to hit back on behalf of our supporters.

How wonderful it would be if Niall told Sullivan and Gold: “Up with this we will not put. Stuff your allocation. We don’t want any.”

Monsieur Salut

11 thoughts on “West Ham v SAFC ticket news: Sullivan’s got Gold, wants more”

  1. For a good number of seasons the Cat A games at West Ham are Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham AND the last home game of the season, irrespective of who the opposition are. Seems like you’ve got the short straw this season.

    I’ve paid £50 for a ticket for Tottenham. Away fans always get a bad deal.

    Anyway with our relegation problems and your large away following it should easily sell out. I’ve always liked your lot compared to Newcastle’s. Hopefully see you again next season!

  2. anyolddiron- if thats the case, way did it take until now to decide the price? Does karen brady need a new set of clothes to pose in outsider the ridiculous new ground, shouting “look at me!”?

  3. You seem to have overlooked the fact that running a business in London is considerably more expensive than doing the same in Sunderland. Costs are higher so are wages and I’m not just refering to players wages!

  4. Hammer Boy – unless you have the best seats in the house, you can’t pay more that the most expensive home ticket. See SAFC v Birmingham form a couple of years back when BCFC were fined for charging us more than home fans in comparable seats

  5. The obvious response to Kim’s deservedly popular comment is that the price will be resented but paid. We will sell out our allocation and, with a bit of luck and provided no one is in any danger by then, enjoy a party atmosphere for the last game fo the season.

  6. I stopped going to away games when the tickets went over £25, and it wasn’t that long ago. I’d be surprised if Sunderland didn’t sell out their allocation, but maybe that day will come

  7. I must admit this is expensive BUT it just shows you how we in London feel when we go to away grounds and find we are paying more than the dearest seat !!!!!

  8. I am a West Ham season ticket holder and agree whole heartedly that it is pure money grabbing to make this a Cat A game.

    It will be a real shame if we don’t see loads of Sunderland supporters there. Your fans are always great and join us in the home supporters’ pubs after the game.

    I really hope it doesn’t go to the last game though. I don’t think my nerves could stand it.

    Good luck with the rest of the season Sunderland

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