One point in 27: Birmingham setback Observed

Pity poor Pete Sixsmth. Another early start for a long awayday, another bitter disappointment. Once again, The Observer asked for his verdict. We start with the Birmingham fan …


We’ve been worried for weeks, especially after dipping into the bottom three, but this win means we can breathe again – we just need a few more points to be sure. I think 2-0 was a fair reflection of the game. Our first goal was bizarre but just reward for Larsson – he was our man of the match today, Bowyer also played well. We’ve still got a lot of injuries but team spirit got us through today.

Player ratings
Foster 8; Carr 8, Johnson 9, Ridgewell 8, Parnaby 7; Larsson 9 (Fahey n/a), Ferguson 8, Gardner 8, Bowyer 8; Jerome 7 (Derbyshire 90 n/a), Phillips 6 (Hleb 63 7)


The game revolved around the two keepers. Mignolet made a crucial error to hand City the lead after we had been the better side. We came out strongly in the second half only for Foster to make two great saves, then Mignolet should have stopped their second. We played well enough at times, but serious pressure is on Bruce now – next week at home to Wigan is a must-win. If we stay up, it will be because of the inadequacies of other teams.

Player ratings
Mignolet 4; Elmohamady 6, Turner 6, Onuoha 7, Bardsley 7; Henderson 7, Cattermole 6, Colback 6 (Malbranque 5), Sessègnon 5; Gyan 5, Welbeck 4 (Noble 70 6)

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  1. Its a truthful saying ‘the points were more important than the performance’.Our midfield was awful for most of the game and we had nobody prepared to run past or with the ball.Hlebb made a big difference and the 3 points are priceless.Unfortunately for Sunderland i think a bad run is a hard thing to stop and as well as they played i never thought they would score.

  2. I have to endorse most of what theguvna bcfc stated, especially the fact that the Premier League would be a worse division without Sunderland. The stadium and support is definitely worthy of PL status. Sunderland’s input during the game deserved more than leaving the ground defeated, and Ben Foster clearly made the difference.. I still have a soft spot for Steve Bruce, after agreeing to join Birmingham City while being the captain of Manchester United it was flattering that he was willing to go to St. Andrew’s, and during his time he consistently stated that he had a real affection for the club and Birmingham supporters. Those comments are not forgotten easily or quickly, and I hope that he manages to steer Sunderland to Premier League safety.

  3. Yet another miserable journey home. Chelsea seems so long ago.
    Whilst we were better than of late we still didn’t have a game plan. When we kept the ball on the ground we look like we could acheive something. All too often we resorted to the long high punts up field or backwards and sideways passing. A confidence thing? Perhaps we are lacking that little bit of luck in front of goal but lets face it the quality of our final ball into the box was once again poor. What on earth do they do in training other than clearing the air.
    Ultimately it was agame decided by the two keepers. Foster did what was required of him and sorry to point fingers but Mingolet came up short.

  4. You rate Henderson highly, but he never won a header!

    Also mignolet, he can’t kick and can’t save! Not much point having him!

    I’m a Birmingham fan, but have to say that for such a little lad gyan is amazing in the air and is a magician with his feet!

    No getting past Foster though!

  5. Even though I’m a diehard blue nose, I tend to disagree a little with my fellow nose Kym. I don’t think that 2-0 was a fair reflection of the game.
    If Sunderland could finish and had super Ben between their sticks, we would have been beaten.
    Sunderland had plenty of opportunities, and only a combination of good saves from Foster, and poor finishing, meant we emerged victorious.
    Too many of our players were out of form and the midfield were generally second to the ball.
    I fear a little for Sunderland, because the last thing you need is to be on this downward spiral so close to the end of the season.
    I believe you will stay up, because there are 3 worse teams in this division, West Ham, Blackpool and the dreadful dreadful Blackburn.
    Nonetheless, Sunderland’s ‘progress’ under Bruce does not surprise me. When he came to Blues, we had a real upturn in form, winning promotion and then having several relatively good seasons. Then, little by little, our form dipped and the football became route one and predictable. When he left, all the so called football experts were saying it was a massive blunder letting him go, and what a great manager he was.
    Truth was, it was time for him to go.
    I see exactly the same traits in Sunderland now.
    I hope that you manage to survive this season. The Premier league is richer for clubs like Sunderland. I always marvel at the support that you get for such a relatively small city.


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