Steve Bruce on Birmingham defeat: the nearly men

… in which Steve Bruce bemoans our luck. Part of me takes his point – we dominated for long periods, had half chances and fashioned the best move of the match from which Henderson went close to equqlising – and another part wants to write back and say “sorry Steve, it just won’t wash”. Either way, we’re left hoping for salvation from points still to be won against other teams scrapping for survival …

Dear Colin,

The one thing you can’t account for is individual error and unfortunately that’s what the first goal was.

I haven’t seen the goal back on replay yet but it was an awful one to give away.

Overall the performance was good – possibly the best we’ve played for a while, which is the positive out of it.

Sometimes our performances haven’t been up to where they should be but we played very with a young team.

Unfortunately we couldn’t score, and that’s the defining thing. Goals are what we’re in need of and unfortunately that wasn’t there today.

It was a game of nearlies. The performance pleased me – we played well all over the pitch.

But unfortunately when you’re not winning sometimes things go against you. We didn’t deserve to lose today, but we have.

I hope the players take confidence from the performance. If we perform like that next week I’m quietly confident we’ll get a result.

It was good to watch and it was a huge shame we couldn’t come away with something.

All the best,

Steve Bruce

Monsieur Salut

9 thoughts on “Steve Bruce on Birmingham defeat: the nearly men”

  1. First class post Mr Taylor. Enough is really enough now. I’m amazed and disgusted that Bruce is still in a job today. The bloke is useless.

  2. Nah, I’m not deserting, I’m just being quiet for a change. I’m not gonna stop reading Pete’s stuff. And I’m still in the market for Randall merchandise.

  3. A few weeks ago, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece for Salut! Sunderland on how, with the ball going our way a little more, we could have been top of the league. I could write one now, and it wouldn’t be tongue-in-cheek at all, about how we could wind up bottom.
    But I’m not going to. I think I’ve said everything I want to say about this team. I’ve tried, god knows I’ve tried, to keep faith with Steve Bruce and believe that he’d eventually get the side firing on all cylinders. But it’s just one let-down after another, disillusionment after disillusionment. Is betrayal too strong a word? I don’t think so. We’ve gone from talk of Europe to a top-8 finish to top-10 to scrambling now to avoid the relegation zone.
    Sorry, this isn’t for me. I’ll always be a Mackem, I’ll always support Sunderland, I’ll always look at the results and be happily surprised when they win and unhappily unsurprised when they lose. But I’m not going to waste my time reading the match reports. What we’re seeing is a travesty of football so what’s the point?
    If that makes me a fair-weather fan, so be it. I don’t think I am, I think I’ve just reached the end of my rope, though others may disagree. But I don’t much care about that any more, either.

  4. This is going from bad to worse, last week it was “we couldn’t defend” this week it’s “we couldn’t score” next week it will be “we couldn’t get the ball”. Please don’t let this go to the wire Mr Bruce as we will surely lose out. You need to find some inspiration from somewhere and inject it into the team, either that or step aside, no more excuses, you have had plenty of time to sort this and it needs more than a “hope for the best in the next game” WIN IT!!!!!!!!

  5. Let’s just see his signature of a letter of apology first and then relegation. I am sick of the lame excuses. 1 point in 27 is nothing short of an abomination. He long passed the disgraceful stage. That was reached several games ago. Last week we managed two goals. One was an own goal and the second from one of the few players that can hold his head high; Bardo a full back. I’ve lost track of when we had a goal from the so called strikers or midfield.

    Get out and close the door Bruce. You are a bloody embarrassment.

  6. Should Bruce still be in a job? Of course not. In my humble opinion he should never been appointed Sunderland’s in the first place.
    Bruce, who let’s face it is a manager under pressure continues to use the excuse that it’s his Geordie heritage that Sunderland fans are latching on to. Not so, I think this is no more than a smokescreen. Is he trying to tell me we all hated Bob Stokoe because he was a Geordie? No, he was revered because he delivered. Something that Mr Bruce is incapable of despite the immense backing of messrs Quinn and Short in the transfer market.
    He now wants to be entrusted with the task of rebuilding the Sunderland squad in the summer. Wasn’t this what he was doing since the beginning of his tenure? The squad lacks a coherent plan. Personally I don’t know what a Steve Bruce player is and I’m convinced neither does he. The lack of improvement is worrying, no pace, no leadership, and no direction on or off the pitch, shall I go on?
    Do we have more quality than the teams around and below us, probably. Unfortunately the confidence of the team as well as the fans is totally shot. With such a modest run-in we should be able to pick up the points required to ensure Premier League survival.
    Survival is not a word any Sunderland fan should have cause to utter. Under Bruce we are a club lacking focus and direction and because of this Bruce deserves to go. A new man with fresh ideas and methods is needed at the helm

  7. I’m a Birmingham fan but I hope things change for you soon because you play good football and just need that bit of luck that is missing at the moment. Any other day you’d have won by 4 but when luck’s not on your side it kicks you in the teeth. Stick with Brucy, he will give you success given time and like Blues you have had a long wait for it.

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