Arminia Bielefeld 1 Sunderland 1: early verdicts on the new boys

Pete Sixsmith
wasn’t there but Andy Nichol was so, since we have Andy’s consent to reproduce his contributions to the Blackcats list, here were his immediate post-match thoughts …

Sitting in reception at hotel prior to hitting the Johan Albrecht Brauhaus so a few early impressions …


nice touches, good in the air. Looks a decent footballer. A bit
lightweight but when able to come off the defender brought others into play
effectively. In terms of starting at Anfield, well ahead of….


– who is maybe two years away in my opinion. Some nice touches but
only 18 and it showed.


– really good delivery from corners. We looked threatening every
time but need to work at this more and more.

Our midfield

– too many, much of a muchness central midfielders. Cattermole
was a liability and should have been sent off. Get rid.

* Desperately need to buy some FLAIR. Oh, and Sessegnon was good (and got our equaliser in the 1-1) and did what
nobody else had done – drag defenders out of their comfort zones.

Off to the Brauhaus.

3 thoughts on “Arminia Bielefeld 1 Sunderland 1: early verdicts on the new boys”

  1. if cattermole hsn,t learned from last seaons sendings off then we should sell him. it would be a shame to do so as the player has a good engine but he must get rid of the red mist.every time he makes a tackle you cover your eyes and hope the ref doesn,t card him. I might say he is easy meat for the refs but he has brought it on himself with his stupid tackling. come on catts show bruce he was right in signing him. give him this season to show his worth.

  2. I think we’ll be able to see when Cattermole has “learned his lesson” when it’s obvious that he has “learned his lesson.” His disciplinary record improved when he was injured. Even he finds it difficult to get cards sitting in the stands. There is no evidence that he has corrected his ways at all.

    Thanks to Andy for posting straight after the game. Great to hear updates so soon after friendly games in far off places.

  3. I assume we’re still in the market for another striker? Wickham and Ji may well be not ready to start.
    I reckon he might go with a 4-4-1-1 With the 1-1 being Gyan and Sess. Thats my thought (unless he brings in a name striker).

    Whats this “get rid” of Cattermole? I think he turned a corner after a very bad start to last season. He brings steel and a good mentality to our midfield. I’m convinced he’s learned a lesson.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more goals from Sess and Gyan, ..and.. wait for it… our midfield, especially from Gardner.

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