Back again, with apologies

Monsieur Salut

Salut! Sunderland is glad to be available again – and deeply sorry that we were unable to give fair warning that there would be an interruption to the service.

A change of ownership – now becomes golbox – meant new servers were being installed. That is as much technical information as I am likely to understand. But it also meant, and I wasn’t clever enough to guess this would be the case, that the site would be down for several hours.

Back up now. Good luck to Sam Haseltine, the golbox man and one of the West Ham supporters we most like.

M Salut

3 thoughts on “Back again, with apologies”

  1. Sorry Rob!

    And apologies to all your readers Colin for the amount of downtime. Experienced unexpected troubles, working across timezones.

    You’ll see more tangible evidence of the move in the coming weeks


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