Asamoah ‘in no rush to return’: do we groan or cheer?

If is right in quoting Asamoah Gyan – anyone remember him? – as ruling out any early return to Sunderland, there is really only one word that needs to be said by way of appropriate response.

But first let’s see what he is reported to have said:

For now I can’t really say anything about Sunderland. I am on loan for a year so we will have to see what happens at the end of the season. Will I come back to Sunderland at the end of this season? For now I don’t want to talk about my situation because I am currently on loan and I am doing well. So let’s see where my future lies after my loan deal.

I miss the Premier League because it is the best League in the world so I have a lot of respect for it. I am not the only player that has left the Premier League but I do miss the Premier League and watch it and the Champions League on television when I can.

It is a great League and who knows what will happen in the future. But what I have to say is that I am enjoying my football at the moment. I don’t know, let’s see what happens at the end of my current deal

The Ghanaian site puts flesh on the bones of that claim that he’s “doing well”. He’s “banging in the goals”, five in any many games.

Yes, but that’s for Al Ain, in the UAE. He’d probably get five in five playing for Shildon, too. And we do not see his league much on the telly. Fact is, Gyan dumped us for a crock of gold and would, in the view of many, need to offer the most grovelling of apologies to an awful lot of supporters if he wished to be welcomed back at all.

Pending that apology, what was the word I had in mind in response to news that he doesn’t envisage a quick return?


Monsieur Salut

4 thoughts on “Asamoah ‘in no rush to return’: do we groan or cheer?”

  1. Hasn’t anybody realised that if Asamoah Gyan did return he’d be off to the African Nations Cup alomost immediately.

  2. I’d love to see a fully fit Gyan firing on all under our new man but the whole thing seems so strange you wonder if we’re best off trying to flog him to the uae for good!

  3. I think he’ll not return. The money is the reason why he went, and it will probably be the reason why he stays. I am not sure the Sunderland fans will warm to him again. Now, if he starts banging the goals in a-la-Bent, then anything can be forgiven. If Gyan does come back and doesn’t deliver , then he’ll get too much stick and it’ll be uncomfortable for him and the team.
    Like Harry Redknapp said of Adebayor, “If he bangs the goals in they’ll take to him, if he doesn’t , they’ll give him hell.”
    I think we’ll sell Gyan and get someone like Cisse in or another proven scorer. I’d also like to see Pavulcheynko in too.

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