Martin’s Musings on winning at Stoke: there’s snow stopping us

With thanks to Jake for adapting Kartun Malaysia's caricature*

Awful day,
not a wonderful match but Martin O’Neill was rightly happy to see his team adapt better to the conditions and come away with three more invaluable points (see also Sixer’s Sevens) …

Dear Colin,

It was a great result for us, especially as the conditions were so desperately poor and they were deteriorating by the minute.

I’m delighted that when we got the goal the referee saw fit to let the game continue and we went on to get the three points.

There never seemed to be any doubt that the game would go on.

In the first half the snow seemed to brush off, but then in the second half it got worse by the minute.

However, I don’t think that the referee was ever going to stop the game.

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It was a different game than the players are used to playing in – they just had to adapt.

Sometimes it became very difficult and players who would normally run with the ball left it behind them.

There were times when players were trying to pass out from defence and the ball was getting caught in the snow, but overall I thought we adapted very well to the conditions.

It’s delightful to get the three points on the board as they are very important to us and it’s a great win for all of the fans who travelled down to watch us play.

We have given them something to cheer about on the way home.

All the best,

Martin O’Neill

* See Kartun Malaysia’s Flickr images at this link

8 thoughts on “Martin’s Musings on winning at Stoke: there’s snow stopping us”

  1. I take my hat off to Sess how many times in his life has he played football in such wintery conditions, Benin was never like this, he could have been like a fish out of water but he stuck to his guns kept going for the team and seen it through. Brilliant performance

  2. Hats off to all those who travelled despite the forcasts…dedication.

    On the game,Huth sending off maybe a bit harsh, a yellow would ahve done,but as this player tends to play quite aggressively(ala Catts) sometimes you get decisions against you…its a numbers games and his number came up yesterday,the booing of Myler afterward was a disgrace the lad did nothing wrong and sounded like he was in the thick of it after that too.

    So 3 premier wins on the belt no goals conceded,Martin never metioned that, so I will…bloody marvelous,must be a while since that happened.

  3. Would just like to say how much I admire each and every one of our supporters who made (and are probably still making) the return trip to Stoke today. God alone knows what time they will get home. I remember going to Stoke one year (possibly early 80s?) and finding that whilst a couple of thousand fans had made it through the snow the team bus was stranded somewhere on the A1. Game Off. Safe journey home to all.

  4. Yeah, Campbell would have been on the field (and then possibly on a stretcher), McClean would have been on the bench and we’d be on a hiding to nothing, down scrambling in Wolves/QPR/Bolton territory.

  5. I see Tony Pulis is claiming that Huth “skidded” and never touched Meyler, who rolled around and play-acted him into a red card. O’Neill, on the other hand, is calling it a nasty challenge. I didn’t see it so I have no way to judge. Seems out of character for us, though.
    Another game where MON seemed content to let Stoke have more possession than us, an effective tactic – let them play with the ball while we do something with it.

    • Bill,

      I watched the game and I can tell you the conditions were not to blame for the red card. It was a typical 50 50 ball where the defender went for it, whoever missed the ball was always going to be in trouble and that’s what happened. Bit harsh considering the studs weren’t high and minimum contact was made as Meyler jumped the tackle.

      On the game, Sunderland were in complete control for the whole game.The pressing on the opposition was unbelievable, they never had time on the ball. Not many chances in the game but we deserved the win and what a great goal from McClean – What is he worth now??

      Great decision by MON to leave Fraizer out of this game too, had a horrible image of Shawcross ruining him in a tackle before the game. Bruce would of played him, I’m sure of that.

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