A challenge in a million (and a half): get QPR, Everton scores right

Jake wants a swift return to form ...

Guess-the-score is back, with a bang. There are two scorelines to predict and the prizes are sensational (one part of this paragraph is entirely false) …

It seems
only five minutes since Salut! Sunderland was shouting to anyone willing to listen that we were on the point of passing one million “hits”. Whoever said 999,999 of them came from Newcastle fans gloating about their 5-1 win was quite wrong.

In fact, for five minutes read eight months. It was last July – and the site has incredibly put on half a million more in the time that has passed since that milestone was reached.

Look at the bottom right hand corner of this page and you see the running total. As I write, it stands at 1,495,232.

I cannot improve on what I said back when we were approaching the first million:

It makes the effort and time needed to keep this site going seem like a good idea. I would like to thank all the Sunderland supporters, and also the fans of many, many other clubs who come here, for the loyalty, support and interest the figure represents. I don’t expect you to like everything you find here but it is rewarding to know enough of you find something to amuse or inform.

And to mark the achievement – we will reach 1.5m within a few days – Salut! Sunderland invites predictions for the scorelines in the games on Saturday, SAFC v QPR, and next Tuesday, the FA Cup 6th round against Everton.

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Be the first to get one score right and you will win a Martin O’Neill “Team of all Talents” mug, suitably redesigned if you happen to be a supporter of QPR or Everton (or someone else other than SAFC). Be the first to post a comment with both scorelines correct and I will make it a mug plus a Salut! Sunderland t-shirt with a choice of designs drawn from Jake’s magical art.

In the case of the cup replay, the only sensible condition is to regard as the winning scoreline whatever the teams stand at either the end of normal time (ie 90+ mins) or the end of extra time. In other words, a penalty shoot-out doesn’t count for the purposes of this little competition. Monsieur Salut’s decision, as ever, is final.

Monsieur Salut

20 thoughts on “A challenge in a million (and a half): get QPR, Everton scores right”

  1. James wins a mug on the strength of his correct forecast of Saturday’s game and is on track to add the T-shirt. Memo to the Lads: don’t let Dennis win!

    • Regarding your forecast for tomorrow’s game.

      Based uopon Colin’s rules it can only be valid (as the first) if he agrees to change my forecast.

      If he does not do that my original forecast must stand.

      Anyway (ignoring that) HOWAY THE LADS!!

      I will NOT enter into the Howay/Haway debate!

  2. Firstly, many congratulations on the approaching milestone which clearly demonstrates the quality of the articles and the interest they create.

    Regarding the competition.

    Sunderland 2 QPR 0

    Sunderland 1 Everton 1 at the end of normal time, Sunderland 1 Everton 2 after extra time.

    I just can’t get the hoodoo out of my head and hope, sincerely, that I am wrong!

  3. QPR 4-1 and Everton 2-1. Both in SAFC’s favour. Congratulations on receiving so many hits – and all without a celebrity sex tape!

  4. All genuine entries will be considered valid and timed according to arrival, even if they are held for moderation.

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