Salut! Sunderland’s Week at Everton and Blackburn, plus Tony Benn as Mackem

Jake wants a swift return to form ...

Apologies first. Monsieur Salut is away in the Alpes-Provence, Barcelonnette not to be confused with Barcelona. Joan Dawson will be at the match but is singing Verdi’s Requiem this evening, with brother Malcolm and Pete Sixsmith present to offer support and admiration.

So that leaves no one to post the score or Martin’s Musings until, well, until they can. Please use the comments field at the foot of this posting to tell everyone about the match if you were there, or saw or heard it, or to pass judgement on how it turned out.

It has been the sort of week at Salut! Sunderland that you would expect after a good fighting draw at Goodison and a dismal defeat at Ewood Park. All you need to know was contained in Pete Sixsmith’s first hand accounts:

* From Everton


… a wholehearted cup tie, well refereed and played in front of a passionate and partisan crowd. Both sides could claim that they dominated certain stages, both sides had chances to win it (Everton probably more than we had) and at the end both sides knew that they had been in a scrap.
There is little between them, although I think that we are a more controlled side who play more football.

* And from Blackburn:


Saturday was another high energy game, a real tussle between two evenly matched sides. The mental strength and awareness of professional footballers has to be intense and with our players, even more so. We play a tight game which relies on us seizing the game from the outset and putting our opponents on the back foot.

That is what we did at Everton, at home to Liverpool, at the Sports Direct Arena and against Arsenal in the cup; when we are unable to do that, as at West Brom and at home to Middlesbrough, we can struggle. Add Blackburn (a) to that list.

Other than that, a quiet week (though horrendously busy at work for Monsieur Salut, thanks to the evil doings and fully deserved end of one Mohamed Merah).

Just let me salute Jake once more, not for the baby – still imminent but the docs had miscalculated, which explains the lack of news – but for more first-class art.

I love his Tony Benn graphic:

Tony Benn as Mackem, by Jake

And now he has sent another, which is so good it will make a separate article in the days to come.

There was a lovely “Who are You?” from Steve Colwell, a QPR supporter who has become a regular at this site as especially its Facebook group. He predicts 2-2 today and if you haven’t done so already, you can enter the guess-the-score competition at this link.
That leaves me to wish Mrs Jake well, also in the days to come, Ha’way the Lads against QPR today and Ha’way Joan with Verdi.

Monsieur Salut

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  1. A fine performance from the lads today after Tuesday’s disappointment. Jarvis will be delighted!

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