A night of truth for Sunderland, Everton – and James or Dennis

Jake nips out of post natal to offer encouragement

Tonight’s the night
. Sunderland try to go one better than in that battling Goodison display and win a place in the Wembley semi-finals and, who knows, the final after that.

It is likely to be tough, as everyone writing here seems to acknowledge.

Click here for the Everton ‘Who are You?’: a Toffee who is bitter about Liverpool – and thinks Spurs will win the cup

Tonight will also be the night Salut! Sunderland reaches its vaunted milestone. In fact, with fewer than 700 hits needed when I last looked for the site to clock up 1,500,000 visits, it may even come before kickoff.

The guess-the-score competition is still open for tonight’s score only. By tonight’s score, I mean the score after normal or extra time, NOT the result of any penalty shoot-out.

The first entry with the correct scoreline wins a mug, which has the slogan “Martin O’Neill’s Team of All Talents” and looks something like this …

To be modified if an Everyton supporter wins

See what scores are still available by checking out the original posting at https://safc.blog/2012/03/a-challenge-in-a-million-and-a-half-get-qpr-everton-scores-right/.

Only James Stevenson or “Dennis” can win the double prize, offered to mark the occasion of piling up 1.5m hits, having already correctly guessed Saturday’s scoreline as SAFC 3 QPR 1. James has us to win 1-0 tonight; Dennis’s blue-tinted (I presume) forecast is 1-1, with a sad outcome for Sunderland in the penalties. If either is right this evening, he wins mug PLUS Salut! Sunderland t-shirt.

Let me tell you the cost of all this may already break the bank. It would break the heart if Dennis won …

Don’t forget, then, that you don’t have to win a competition to own a mug:

Click here for the Martin O’Neill ‘Team of all Talents’ mug: £9.50, post-free for UK buyers, from the Salut! Sunderland Shop

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Jake asks: can we do it again 75 and 39 years on?

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Ha’way the Lads.

* and here’s a cheery update from Jake on Sunday’s arrival of his own little Mackem-Spanish Jakette, Xuana:

I’ve just popped home from the hospital for a couple of hours to do a few things … Ana & Xuana are both doing great, but at least 2 nights in the hospital seems to be de rigueur here, with el padre sleeping alongside ma and babby in an uncomfortable chair. It’s not like when I was born, my ma was hewing coal 5 minutes before I was born, and she was hewing coal 5 minutes AFTER I was born! As I haven’t got a smartphone (in fact I think it’s a daftphone) I can’t use t’internet when I’m out but, never mind…..thanx for the little article about Little Xuana, a cover star before she’s a day old, not bad eh? Got to get back to the bedside now, and remember … WE CAN DO IT!!

Monsieur Salut

5 thoughts on “A night of truth for Sunderland, Everton – and James or Dennis”

  1. It’s 50 years of disappointment and heartbreak. but the idea of a competition is to win it ? However I hear MON has had the Lads out practising pens so……..

  2. Sorry, Dennis, I take it all back. But what were you doing forecasting an Everton win on pens?!

  3. The only blue in my household is my Kent AC vest. Been a Sunderland supporter for 50+ years, but I still want that CUP!

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