Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland: guess tonight’s score and win a book

Just three hours or so to go. Not much to say except Ha’way the Lads. And to lap up some more of Jake’s art and offer, belatedly, a guess-the-score prize.

No mugs on offer tonight – unless you buy one – but there’s still that book, Roker Roars Back by Geoff Storey, and I will send it to the reader who is first to post the correct score for tonight’s game.

As usual, the cut-off point is kickoff time and Monsieur Salut’s decision will be final. So you had better get cracking; there’s not much time left. Rovers entries welcome, but there’s no special non-SAFC prize this time.

Jake, as mentioned the other day, may fall relatively silent once the baby – imminent – arrives. So feast now on some of the images he has conjured for the momentous two weeks to come …

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Monsieur Salut

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