Can Sunderland shatter the Man City home record? Just asking …

Jake's take

This is becoming an expensive habit for Monsieur Salut.

Be the first to guess the right score and you will win either:

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Sunderland’s interests firmly lie in a change to one of the noughts in this home record, and ideally a greater increase in the 7 than in the 44:

P15 W15 D0 L0 F44 A7 Points 30

Bring back SuperKev, scorer of our goal the last time I saw Sunderland beat City at City. And that was Maine Road.

See the City ‘Who are You?’ interview:

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28 thoughts on “Can Sunderland shatter the Man City home record? Just asking …”

  1. City Blue’s posting just goes to show that money is indeed the root of all evil, as well as stupidity in his partucular case. There was a City Blue who used to post similar nonsense on 606, but he was Cardiff fan. Is this a Taff lured by Arabian cash?

  2. I went down to library you know the big one way down town,
    I went down to the library you know the big one way down town,
    I pulled out my spiral notebook and my scripto pencil,
    And these, these, these are the words that I did put down,
    “Citeh 2, The Lads 2”
    (you win a curly wurly if you know the song I nicked the lyrics from, no Googling allowed)

  3. I think that Turner & Kyrgiakos have played together 3 times.

    On two of those occasions they have, clearly, demonstrated that (in tandem) they are NOT good enough!

    I’m not including the QPR game because, IMHO, they ere never, seriously, tested.

    It is essential, in the centre of any Premier League defence, that there exists a genuine partnership, where each can read the other, see where likely problems will occur and then cover for each other.

    I have seen NO signs of that in the three games and against Everton, as a partnership, they were just embarrassing!

    So, unless MO’N has found a magic formula OR decided to utilise a different CB pairing, I fear for the worst.


    In an attempt to reduce M. Salute’s riches I shall plump for the only, pro SAFC, score that seems not to have been mentioned.

    Man City 0 – Sunderland 2

    Having said that my brain say’s City 4 SAFC 0

  4. City will score 4. Your win at the SOL was a travesty.

    No offence intended. I like the Mackems and was sad you went out of the Cup.

    I think you made a good move in sacking Bruce and getting MON in. If the board of Sunderland has any sense they will back to the hilt in the transfer market as he has a magic touch.

  5. CiTyBlUe (who apparently has problems controlling the caps lock on his keyboard) seems to be most upset because, in his eyes at least, Sunderland play better against Citeh than against Untied. Maybe that says more about Citeh than it does about us.

  6. Is diddums upset because we keep beating Abu Dhabi Rovers? Poor little diddums. What will he be like when we win 3-1 on Saturday? He will need to change his nappies.
    Got to be a wind up though!!

  7. What makes me laugh about all you hypocrites in the supporting a Premier League club is.

    You all talk about denting our title challenge when you meet us, but you never talk about denting Uniteds title challenge.

    Your clubs step up and play out of their skins against us City but you park the bus and let United run riot.

    Its pathetic, you’re pathetic and your clubs are pathetic, the most pathetic clubs in the Premier League are Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton Wanderers.

    Sunderland have not beaten United since 1997
    Spurs have not beaten United since 2001
    Bolton Wanderers have not beaten United since 2002

    Thats over a decade which is an utter disgrace of a record for any established Premier League club.

    Disgraceful and embarrassing in my opinion.

      • I was at Old Trafford and we were very unlucky to lose this year.

        In previous years when we parked the bus at Man U, we had teams that were capable of finishing fourth from bottom at the very best. Man City didn’t have a good enough team back then to park the bus.

        In becoming a top team, Man City fans continue to display the irrational paranoia that curses all teams that dominate the game.

    • I preferred it when Man City were a normal club with typical fans (i.e. reasonably intelligent and able to make a reasoned argument) based in a working class stadium in a working class area.

      A bit of money, a bit of success and your origins and recent history (nothing spectacular, nothing striking me as much better than Spurs or Bolton or Sunderland, and Blackburn, Villa and so on…. ) are forgotten.

      Shame on you.

    • I may be wrong but this could be the first time anyone has predicted a losing scoreline in all of M Salut’s Win A Mug competitions.

  8. Man City are aiming to become the first top flight team to win every home game in a season since………….Sunderland in 1891/92.
    How fitting it will be if SAFC are the team to scupper their plans!!

    City 1 1 Sunderland

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