Can Sunderland devour the Wolves? Your answer may count

Jake challenges you ...

We camer a cropper in this fixture last season. We had three points in our grasp at Molineux in December only to come away with none. What, then, does tomorrow hold in store when Sunderland seek to make amends for letting down Martin OI’Neill, themselves and the supporters at Everton? The decision is yours, at least until the game itself is over and done with, and so may be a Salut! Sunderland prize.

Jake wants a win ...

The usual guess-the-score rules apply. Entries are valid up to kickoff time, the first reader to post what turns out to be the correct score is the winner and Monsieur Salut’s verdict is, as ever, final.

The prize is a Martin O’Neill ”Team of all Talents” mug whuch, as I felt obliged to poiçnt out after Goodison, is a slogan that has the sensible qualification ”work in progress”. It looks a little like this …

If a Wolves supporter happens to post the correct answer, I will modify the design accordingly.

Good luck… and if you do not win, you can always improve the chances of Jake’s neborn Xuana being kept in nappies by buying a mug or two. See below.

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Monsieur Salut

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  1. Nee bugger’s won again. Maybe Eric has a point, which is all the Lads seem able to get these days.

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