Martin’s Musings from Aston Villa: ifs, buts, maybes and a ‘wrong’ decision

Jakes imagines MON's snail mail

Martin O’Neill
hoped for a triumphant return to Villa Park. In his post-match e-mail, he contemplates the sort of match any away team should expect to win. Sunderland withstood Villa’s somewhat frantic assaults on Mignolet’s goal, had ample chances to grab the three points and believed they’d done so when Bendtner hit the back of the net, only to be ruled offside – wrongly says MON, who otherwise overlooks some painfully sloppy distribution to praise the overall performance. …

Dear Colin,

It was very disappointing not to come away with the win after creating a lot of chances in the game.

We created more chances than we did at Manchester City, where we scored three, but we just couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net today.

There were numerous chances and it’s a shame we couldn’t convert them – and we had a goal chalked off for offside, which I think was the wrong decision.

I’m not disappointed with the performance, as I thought we had some good spells in the game, but I am disappointed with the result.

From my viewpoint, as a team away from home we got through the initial ten minutes and started to come into the game.

We got a grip of the midfield, where I thought Jack Colback was outstanding for us, and we started to really dominate.

Jake is exasperated

Today we played well, even though we have gone some games without scoring.

I thought it was back to more or less what we’re capable of doing and the display put the performance of last week into perspective.

Perhaps with Aston Villa’s confidence not so high, had we gone a goal in front, we might have gone on to win – but that’s ifs, buts and maybes.

All the best,

Martin O’Neill

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5 thoughts on “Martin’s Musings from Aston Villa: ifs, buts, maybes and a ‘wrong’ decision”

  1. Just drifting in to the end of season a bit now.Traditionally Villa is a tough place to get points but you feel we missed out on another 3 points yesterday.The team’s momentum has come to a halt.It needs a pick up somehow but I cannot see us really raising our game now,what a shame to end a great start under MON in such a dismal way….i.e no goals in last 4 games.

    Man Utd losing today may just add that bit of spice back into our last game,I thought the title race would be over by then but it looks like an attractive fixture now.

  2. Is it on if there’s no ‘daylight’ between the players? If so it was on. Never mind, we certainly played better; Hopefully a little life left in the season yet, and a few more points to be gained.

  3. I have read reports that the Villa fans wanted Mig booked when he slid out of the box to look as if he handled. If that is so, then the clear dive from Weimann (I think it was him, I am not up on all the Villa players) should have brought a yellow.
    Never offside for the Bendtner goal kind of sums it all up. We were slightly the better side. We never looked like the away team for me.
    To Jinksy, lots of sympathy, all the Villa fans I spoke to today were helpful. The 2 guys who advised me to leave my car near the market and take the train especially so.
    “Please don’t beat us” one of them said at the end.
    We shifted up a gear in the second half, and I believe we created better chances. I really believed it was a goal until the lady next to me said “Offside”. Even Alan Shearer just admitted it was not on M.O.T.D.

  4. Seems like a tough one to have lost. It just didn’t go our way. From the reports I’ve read, the team played a bit more like its old self with some good counter-attacking.
    Three interesting games to come. Bolton should give us little trouble (though that was said of Wolves, too) and I’d love to see the Cats put Fulham in their place (at least one place below Sunderland!) at Craven Cottage. And Brandchester United? Good chance for a blaze of glory. I fancy ManU might start off not really trying, just playing the ball casually up the wings, and then realize their mistake.
    It’s been a difficult season for Sunderland and that’s started to show. But there’s at least three good points left in them, I’m sure of that.

  5. 0-0 what did i say… that’s a win in the strange world McLiesh lives in…..Yep you should have won & i think if you needed to you would have…Now you know what shit we Villa fans have to put up with so some sympathy please!!!

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