SAFC v Spurs for mugs: the correct score is …..

Jake challenges you ...

All Jake’s latest fine work – including a brand new logo for this corner of the site – looked like being in vain until I found a temporary solution to my IT problems. Thanks for bearing with me …

Yes, it is guess the score time again. Usual rules apply but win a book or a Salut! Sunderland mug – suitably modified if you happen to be a Tottenham Hotspur supporter – if you are the first to predict the correct score, using the Comment field below.

Monsieur Salut has seen SAFC win and lose at home to Spurs and may even have watched a draw, but cannot immediately recall such an occqsion. Two that do stick in the mind are the last-gasp winner from Michael Chopra, who turned out to be more shot-shy when playing for us at St James’ Park, and, rather longer ago, a night when I had hoped from afar (I was working in Belfast) for a start to a winning battle against relegation and instead heardv we had been walloped 4-0. Another 1-0 would do nicely on Saturday.

Jake's preview: tough but winnable

You can make your pitch in the Comments field below or you can do it at the Salut! Sunderland Facebook group. If you are not in that exclusive community, you can change your life by following this link. Leave it to me to work out who got the right score first.

What is less likely to change the winner’s life is the prize.

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33 thoughts on “SAFC v Spurs for mugs: the correct score is …..”

  1. It’s going to be an open, free flowing game with Sess getting the winning goal with 2 minutes to go. 4-3 to the Lads.

  2. I love Northerners. But I’ll set my love aside for this match. Monkey hangers to get a last minute goal, 2-2. Much Love.x

  3. Its gonna an open yet close game…. 1-3 spurs..

    Just think we have a bit more class through the midlle and goinfg forward.. not discounting how hards MON’s teams play though.. quality manager but he aint getting a cigar this time around..

  4. Late again, so I will have to go with SAFC 4-1……….and Kyrgiakosto get on the score sheet………beware of Greeks bearing gifts!

  5. A Spurs supporter here defiantly not lurking I’m proud of my club,I’m going with the same result as last season,1-2 Spurs,no disrespect to the black cats but we should really be beating you we can’t take our foot off the peddle now!

    • I think we need a spray to rid ourselves of this type of infestation.

      Changing the subject, who am I describing?

      “A great all rounder, who could switch from being a “no nonsense” defender, who took no prisoners, to someone who gave any attack a cutting edge”?

      • Spray for infestation? Are you sure you backward northerners can afford spray? Really. Were a fine football team which, pound for pound, should beat you by two. But, going up north is STILL a culture shock for our jet set world class outfit. They can’t fathom how, parts of england, can still breed simpletons by the thousands and slums with coal filling the air. I’ll go for a draw on these reasons stated. 1-1. No offence.

      • Leonidas – a staunch defender, able to defend frontal attacks but let down when it came to the pass.

  6. I need a thumbs up so I’m going 5-1 to Spurs. (Shush – This bit is for competition purposes and SAFC fans only – please keep it a secret. A repeat of last weekend 3-3).

  7. Spurs fan here..

    Real tough game as O’Neil is working wonders. On the other hand we seem to have hit form again. Tough game for both teams.

    In terms of betting odds spurs are clear favourites.

    I predict 2 – 2

    That’s how you give an prediction without your rose tinted glasses on!!

  8. Sunderland play on energy the massive weight loss on ill looking Turner is prove of that i say burn out will hit Sunderland and they will turn back into Bruces babes. This will mean a fast Spurs to wallop Sunderland with Lennon Bale Ady Van Defoe Saha running riot 4-1

  9. It would appear that we have a lurking Spurs fan who is not prepared to stick his own neck on the line but is happy to mark down anyone not forecasting a Spurs win!

    How proud his or her parents must be about the waste of oxygen by their offspring!!

    • Maybe even more than one?

      Tottenham rioters show their class again and again – they are the gift that keeps on giving!

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