Salut! Sunderland’s Week: terrorising Man City in rehearsal for Spurs

It has been a good week to be a Sunderland supporter, unlike the week before which began well with a win over QPR but was ruined by defeat in the FA Cup quarter finals against Everton, on what should have been a night of glory.

Manchester City, a club with a rich mixture of good, old-fashioned supporters of the long suffering variety and arrogant plastic glory seekers, knew they’d been in a scrap after snatching an improbable draw in a pulsating last nine minutes after Sunderland had deservedly led 3-1.

”If you’d offered me 3-3 at 3pm I’d have snatched your hands off,” said our ace graphics man Jake, surfacing from the depths of fatherhood duties (Xuana breathed her first as a Mackem-Spanish treasure week or so earlier). “Now I feel as deflated as if we’d lost 5-0 again.” Or words to that effect.

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And he was right. Monsieur Salut’s own sense of defeat lingered for despite heroic efforts to persuade himself it had been a magnificent performance all the same. That is what it was, and every player who contributed to the cause deserves our undying gratitude.

Have a look at what Pete Sixsmith made of it:

He followed it with a powerful piece about the scapegoating of individual players:

There has been lots of other great material to keep you purring ahead of tomorrow’s difficult home game against the team many feel has played the best Premier football this season, ‘Arry’s Tottennham Hotpsur.

We had a grand ”Who are You?” from a Spurs exile in Spain, Tony Langton. And there was the usual chance to guess the score and win untold riches or a mug, whichever M Salut deems to be appropriate. Malcolm Dawson wrote with affection about West Auckland and John McCormick amused us with his Football league loves and hates.

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All that remains is to shout Ha’way the Lads for tomorrow.

Jake's preview: tough but winnable

Monsieur Salut

4 thoughts on “Salut! Sunderland’s Week: terrorising Man City in rehearsal for Spurs”

  1. All you have to do is look at Newcastle hard work the premiership is full of shocks with hard work rate gaunt ill looking players. This is all down to loads of energetic players. Newcastle have lost there defensive center half’s yet the beat Swansea and Liverpool with Perch and Williams can Spurs beat energetic Sunderland if we match there work rate yes.

  2. Quite simple, Phil. Same email address for both postings – Jeeves and SpErz. They were intended as humour but for that we had to wait for Terry’s risposte to the second comment about monkey hangers

  3. I have been reflecting upon last night’s “infestation” and been wondering about who were the REAL culprits.

    Certainly, most THFC fans that I have known, over the years, would not have acted in that way and (maybe I’m wrong) but I don’t think that there would be a concerted effort by mags to have organised such a display of stupidity.

    Instead, I think that the focus should be on the THFC “soccer” supporters – Stateside.

    I had the misfortune to join in one of their “debates”, about 3 weeks ago, and found that I was banned within 20 minutes of my original, none contentious, post.

    They made the RTG appear as the last retreat for the sane!

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