Winners from the other side: Swansea, Arsenal and Newcastle shortlisted

Jake has prizes for the best answers

… and so are Wolves, QPR, Liverpool, Man City, Boro and Stoke. As I was saying somewhere else on these pages, Salut! Sunderland seems to be giving rather more than Sunderland AFC just now. Read on for news of a lot more, thanks to our friends at and When Saturday Comes

It is that time of the year again.

Soon Salut! Sunderland’s circle of writers will be turning their attention to the season just ending – memo to MON and the Lads: it’s not quite over, in case that helps focus minds on the two coming Sundays – with their end-of-term reports.

If you wonder why you’ve never been asked to contribute a review of your own, wonder no more. Just contact Monsieur Salut via the Contact link above or leave a comment if you have any trouble doing so.

But first there is judging to be done.

Each week, as some of you may have have noticed, we find a suitable supporter of the team we’re next playing and lob a few questions at him, or indeed at her. And each May we decide which of those selfless contributors offered the best responses.

I am delighted to say we can welcome back our trusty sponsors, the American sportswear firm and the celebrated British football magazineWhen Saturday Comes. Between them, they have put up splendid prizes guaranteed to change the lives of the winners in a way our Martin O’Neill mugs maybe never will.

There will be at least three winners. First-placed will get $200 to spend with; second-placed will receive an annual subscription to the half-decent When Saturday Comes mqagazine and third-placed will get to wear the WSC Euro 2012 t-shirt this summer. M Salut may then decide to award a special prize of his own, but it’s unlikely to be more than a mug.

The rules are more or less as before except that I have decided to make no exclusions this year on the basis of a contributor’s means of earning a living. If they happen to write professionally, I now feel having regard to how hard it is to find volunteers from certain clubs, that should not stand in the way of success in the annual Who are You? awards. I hear luvvies the country over breathing sighs of relief that they are therefore eligible after all.

The 'When Saturday Comes" Euro 2012 top

I have supplied my own shortlist to the judging panel. Each member of that panel knows he can ignore my list if other contributions stick on the mind and hold greater appeal. No member of the panel, Monsieur Salut included, has more power than the others to decide the outcome. And I have not forgotten that two matches, and therefore two further potential candidates for honours, remain.

But here, for those interested, is the list as presented to the judges (all of whom will be introduced here in due course):

Wolves: farewell to the Premier

Villa fan on Darren Bent, Martin O’Neill and who supports the bigger club

A Man City fan who know who Mary Poppins really is

Liverpool and ”the debt we owe Sunderland fans”

A Wenger-lover who insisted ”Arsène must go”

Boro enjoying a moment of cup glory

Swansea and a breath of fresh air for the Premier

QPR supporter wants to hit divas and divers in the pocket

Putting a name and face to the description ”long-suffering fan”

The Methodist equivalent of Archbishop of Canterbury talks football

Stoke City and a certain swagger

Swansea, in search of a second Premier season

Salut! Sunderland tracks down a commonsense Newcastle interviewee

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Monsieur Salut, by Matt

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