SAFC v Manchester United: last chance for a Guess the Score mug

Jake offers one more chance ... ...

Well, United need 9-0 or better; assuming QPR hold Citeh to 1-0. Other permutations – all to do with United getting more points than Citeh – would also keep the Premier League title at Old Trafford.

And for the last time this season, Salut! Sunderland offers a priceless mug (that’s a lie; it’s £9.50) for the first person to post the correct scoreline below.

A Sunderland winning entry collects the Martin O’Neill ”Team of all Talents – work in progress” mug, as seen below.

A United winner can have the same mug wittily redesigned (if only a bit). Monsieur Salut promises not to replace the O’Neill caricature with one of Ashley Young gliding gracefully through the air and crossing the path of a more straightforwardly down-to-earth Rooney dive, all under the gaze of a smiling Howard Webb.

Usual rules apply. M Salut’s decision will be final; even if your entry is held briefly for moderation, I will know when the attempt was first made to post it.

Does Jake get a close season too? You'll find out soon enough

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13 thoughts on “SAFC v Manchester United: last chance for a Guess the Score mug”

  1. Man U need 9. Ashley Young will have his Speedos on and H Webb will award them 4 pens in the first half (which will last approx 60 mins). Another will hit both posts before bouncing on to the bar but H Webb will deem that it has crossed the line, sparking a half time debate in the Bovril queue about goal line technology. 5-0 at half time. City being held 0-0 by the multi talented squad that Mark Hughes has assembled. We will then batter Man U for the first 20 mins of the second period, and, sensing that all is not going to plan, H Webb will send off Cattermole (nowt new there then) for a disgraceful attempt to win the ball. Unfortunately the tackle takes place on Ashley Young just inside the centre circle. PENALTY says H Webb. This is taken by Nani who sneaked on to the field at half time without Man U taking anyone off. 6-0. However H Webb orders the pen to be retaken due to encroachment. Nani scores again and BOTH goals are allowed to stand. 7-0. News filters through that Man C are 1-0 up with minutes remaining. Man U still need 2. They score the eighth at 10 past 5 and, sensing a lost cause M O’N takes off 9 players without replacing them. Rooney waltzes through a non-existent defence (literally) and pokes in a winner just after 5.30. TV replays later prove the last goal to be offside. Ferguson comments “we deserved it”. A statue of H Webb is to be erected outside Old Trafford.

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