Salut’s Week: Fletcher saga, Saha’s welcome and guessing the Arsenal score

Jake captures the theme

It’s back – it being football – and so is this, Salut! Sunderland’s Week.

Any week when we can find time to do it, there will be retrospective glance at what has been filling the pages over the past few days. And a guess-the-score competition. This week they are rolled into one.

Salut! Sunderland is not a news agency and nor does it feel in competition with anyone else. We make no guarantees to post results and comment any more quickly than is reasonably possible. No one earns a living from this site: just ask poor old Sixer or Jake.

Some weeks, that means the appearance of Pete Sixsmith’s instant verdict – Sixer’s Sevens – and other post-match material will be delayed.

If the site suddenly became economically viable, or received generous sponsorship from one of those Euromillions winners, things would change. But for now …

First let us reintroduce Guess the Score. Use the Comments field below to take a stab at the final score. The first correct response to be received is the winner with M Salut’s decision final (he will know time of message being sent even if it is delayed for moderation).

Jake downplays the prize value ... ...

The prize? A bit tricky. I got into the habit of offering MON mugs last season and was reduced to a bread-and-water diet for weeks as a result. I am working on it: maybe a voucher towards purchases from the Salut! Sunderland shop if Jake’s superb designs enable that to become worthwhile. I will come up with something for the first one but will make no promises as to what it will be so if you enter, do so primarily for fun.

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As for the week just gone or going, this has been an exceptionally busy week that has brought fans – and not just SAFC fans – in their thousands towards the site. It took us to seventh top, our highest ever and even ahead of two non-league sites and one from Macedonia, in the Soccerlink hit list.

Rather than overload this posting with several clickable links, I offer one, the home page at http;// from where you will find it easy, scrolling up and down, to navigate all recent entries and eve the archives. And there, just going back to Tuesday, you will find …

* Peter Sixsmith’s tribute to Johnny Watters, phsyio at the time of the 1973 Cup Final and a legend of mostly behind-the-scenes SAFC

* Bill Taylor predicting a slow start and storming finish to the season. Our Voice of America, Robert Simmonds, offering his thoughts on the season ahead and Colin Randall telling the ESPN website’s readers what to expect from us

* Goldy’s in-depth interview with a Wolves fan site about the Steven Fletcher saga

* John McCormick on what players, even Sunday league players, do when the time comes to call it a day

* A thumping, Gooner start to the new series of Who Are You? interviews

* Goldy again, casting a weary eye over all the effusive plaudits for Olympics athletes and pleading the case of poor (very well, rich), misunderstood football players

* A welcome, ultimately a warm one, to our latest ex-Man Utd recruit, Louis Saha, and an interview by a United site with us

And Ha’way the Lads at the Emirates …

Jake off to an early start to the season

Monsieur Salut, by Matt

14 thoughts on “Salut’s Week: Fletcher saga, Saha’s welcome and guessing the Arsenal score”

  1. Arsenal 1- Lads 2.
    Saha scores the 1st; Mignolet the 2nd as he has similar striking abilities to the rest; Saha injured in the 75th minute, returns December.
    Main reason for this wildly optimistic prediction is that I am a crap judge and rarely ever win any kind of bet. Therefore, statistically, this may be the one that is correct.
    There is no other logic applied.

  2. I hate to do this but…Arsenal 2:0 Sunderland, if I win I will donate my prize to the Martin O’Neill Buy-A-Striker fund.

    • I am going to put heart before head and say Arsenal 0 Sunderland 1 and will similarly donate my winnings, if any.

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